Lakye POV
So it was about 8:45 at night and I was at घर द्वारा myself for like a few weeks now since my parents went out of town .. I hate being द्वारा myself.. so I was just about to go upstairs when I heard the patio door break .. like the glass was on the floor... I was beyond terrified so I ran upstairs and grabbed my phone ... then it started ringing

Me: hello
??: come downstairs
Me: who is this?
?? : come downstairs
Me: No I don't know who t'f आप are so f-ck off !!
??: .. -ends call-

So with that I heard footsteps walking downstairs I was upstairs in my parents bathroom when I heard the window in their room break...

Me: -looks up-
?? 8 : -grabs the window and pulls himself through-
Me: -crawled into the bathroom and locked the door-
??: -banging on the bathroom door-
Me: -grabs the handle that leads down to our very own kitchen-

So I creeped down the stairs and someone was down there already .. so I hid behind the cabinets closer towards the floor when someone came downstairs

Me: -crawled into the cabinet-
?? 8: -saw my reflection in the stainless steel-
Me: -trying to get out-
I'm stuck!
?? 8: -grabs my leg and pulls me out-
Me: -kicking and punching and screaming-
?? 8 : -stabs me in the thigh twice-
?? 8 : -puts me over his shoulder and took me upstairs-

// Upstairs //
?? 8: -threw me on the ground-
Me: -applying pressure to my thigh-
??: -feet appeared in my face-
Me: -looks up and slowly backs up-
??: -chuckles-
Me: y-you stay away from m-me s-s-serial k-k-killer
??: -bends down so we're face to face-
Me: -staring into his heartless soul-
??: आप don't know anything about me.. -smirks- but I know everything about आप ..
Me: N-N -passes out

I woke up to the smell of something burning
Me: -ran downstairs-
Craig!! The eggs .. या is that bacon.. grits? Whatever it is .. it's burning!!
C: No I'm just cooking
Me: -grabbed the skillet and dumped whatever was cooking in the garbage-
Let's go out to eat ..
C: -pouting- Fine!
Me: -laughs and went upstairs to take a shower-
//2 hours later//
C: okay I'm taking a nap
Me: okay nighty nite
C: -goes upstairs and shuts the door-
Me: -shrugs- hmm okay

Layke POV
I woke up in this barely lit room and it was really hot down here so I was sweaty .. Grr!

Footsteps come downstairs

??: हे baby
Me: -looks up-
Who are you? What do आप want?
??: Michael -smirking-
Me: wait you're that bastard that made Unique kill herself !!
M: sure am!
Me: आप betta be lucky that I'm tied up! Because if I wasn't
M: -grabs my face-
What you'd beat me up?
Me: -nods head-
M: आप know what -unties me- go head.. झूला, स्विंग unless you're scared
Me: -punches him in the stomach-
M: -spits out blood then chuckles-
Why so serious?
Me: you're a crazy serial killer -ran upstairs-

I reached the door but it was locked

M: awhh poor baby.. आप want out well आप ain't gettin out
Me: Michael get away from me !!
M: -grabs my leg and pulls me downstairs-
M: -pulls me up and pressed me against the wall-
Me: -grabs a bottle and throws it at him-
M: -catches the bottle and threw it at the ground-
I see आप like to get physical
Me: No I just -fell on the floor-
M: -slapped me to the ground-
Me: -holding my cheek-
M: -kicks me in the stomach-
Me: -holding my stomach-
Micheal I'm sorry .. please don't hurt me anymore
M: awhh .. hmm -punches me -
J: हे Micheal!! Come on ! She didn't do anything
M: आप stfu
Me: -got up and coughed up blood-
M: -pushes me against the दीवार punching , kicking me-
Me: -covering my face-
M: -finally stopped-
Me: -sitting down on the ground coughing up blood and crying-
J: -walks over towards me-
M: -gets in her way-
Where आप going
J: to help her
M: -pushes past her bumping into her shoulder-
Yeah whatever -goes upstairs-
J: -ran over towards me-
Are आप okay?
Me: He just started beating me up I didn't even -spits out blood- do anything..
J: -grabs my arm-
Come on let's go
Me: where are we going
J: nurse
Me: okay.. I'm Layke
J: Jennifer

We went to the nurse and I got cleaned up when Michael called me....

Me: Jennifer I don't want to go in there
J: if he asks आप if you're a virgin say no
Me: what?
J: come on -dragged me into his room-
Me: -stood there-
M: don't just f-cking stand there get your नितंब, गधा over here
Me: -walks over towards him-
M: are आप a virgin
Me: umm.. N-
M: -pushes me out the way-
Jennifer come here!!
J: yes?
M: -closed the door-
What did आप tell her?
J: what are आप talking about
M: -slapped her and pushed her against the wall-
Stop f-cking playing games what did आप tell her!!!
J: I told her that if आप asked her if she was a virgin say no
M: आप bitch! -slams his fist above her head-
Get the f-ck out my sight! Matter of fact go to the punishment room!
M: -walks back in the room-
Now tell me the truth .. are आप a virgin
Me: -nods head-
M: -rubs his hands together-
Get on the bed
Me: what?!!? Hell No!!!
M: -face expression changes to anger-
Excuse me -walks towards me with his fists balled-

Doorbell Rings

It was Jacob

Me: हे Jacob
J: can I come in
Me: sure
J: -steps inside-
Me: -closed the door and sat on the couch-
J: -sat अगला to me-
Me: Umm.. Jacob...?
J: -kisses my neck softly biting and sucking my neck-
Me: -bites lip-
Jacob .. आप ... get off me don't आप -yanks his hair-

Layke POV
M: Excuse me? -walks towards me slowly with balled up fists-
Me: Michael I कहा No .. I can't.. I won't

Micheal's eyes were glowing red ... his voice was very calm and intimidating..

M: when I tell आप to do something ... आप don't सवाल me
Me: -walks slowly towards the door-
M: .. am I understood?
Me: y-y-yeah .. -ran out the room and ran downstairs-

When I was downstairs I heard muffled groans .. cries of help .. I knew what I was doing was dangerous.. so I ignored my conscious and followed where the sound was coming from...

I finally reached this room and there stood a guy.. hanging from the ceiling .. I could tell he thought I was Micheal.. he pleaded over and over again

Me: Shhh! I'm here to help you..

I helped him down from the ceiling and laid him on the ground.. I ran to the bathroom and got a bowl of water to clean up his deep cuts and gashes in his face

Me: -wipes his face off and gasped-
Trey .. he did this to आप didn't he
T: -tried to mouth words but none escaped his mouth-

It was pretty dark down there .. only lit द्वारा a dim lightbulb ..

M: what are आप doing -growled-

His dark red glowing eyes were shining ..

Me: -looks up- I'm helping him
M: get your hand off his chest
Me: No
M: -walks over towards me slowly-
Me: Michael how could आप do this and not care आप did it !! He needs medical help!!
M: -growled- stfu
Me: No I'm not going to .. you're a physco path
M: yeah I enjoy causing people pain .. and you're so close.. I just want to kill you
Me: -stood there in fear-
M: -chuckles-
Come here
Me: No आप .. your crazy.. I
Me: -still standing in the same spot-
M: -walks towards me and pushes me against the wall-
Me: oh my.. please..
M: oh trust and believe me.. you're going to get hurt very bad...
Me: -gulps-
M: -lifts up my shirt-
Me: -pushes him off and slaps him-

I stood there .. only pure stupidity came over me ..

M: -grabs a vase and threw it at me-
Me: -gets cut on my legs and face-
M: आप don't put your hands on me!! -grabs my hair and starts punching me in the face-
Me: -trying to dodge his punches-
M: -pulls my underwear off-
Me: -covered myself-
M: हटाइए your hands
Me: No -backs up slowly-
M: -grabs my legs and wraps em around his waist-
आप see I don't go all soft .. your going to get it hard

Jacob has me pinned against the दीवार sucking on my neck softly
Me: Jacob get off me!!
J: -pushes me on the बिस्तर still pinning me down-
Me: Jacob get off me .. dumass can आप comprehend what I'm saying!!
J: -slolwy slid off my underwear-
Me: grrr!! Get t'f -
J: -slid himself into me-
Me: shit Jacob stop!! It hurts!!
J: -goes harder and faster-
Shut up!!
J: -chokes me-
Me: -grabs his hands trying to release his grip-
J: -goes harder-
Me: -grabs his hair and pulls as hard as I could-
J: -drops condom wrapper-
Me: -punches him in the throat-
J: -grabs his throat coughing-
Me: -grabs my gun and points it at him-
J: fine I'm going .. -grabs his stuff and leaves-
Me: -puts my underwear and sweats back on-

// A Few Weeks Later //
So I went to the mail and saw the note from my doctor and I ran back inside.. Craig should be घर soon from rehearsal ...

Me: -covered my mouth & gasps-
No it can't be true!!

// 2 hours later //
C: -came downstairs-
हे baby -grabs my waist and pressed me against the wall-
Me: हे
C: -picks me up and carried me to the bedroom-
Me: -pushes him off-
Craig stop it!
C: come on Bre it's been almost 2 weeks and आप haven't let me hit!! -whining- what's going on?
Me: nothing Craig!!
C: -walks to the other side where I was-
Baby? -tries to किस me-
Me: stop it! -pushes him off-
C: okay I want to know what is going on right now!!
Me: -storms out the room-
C: -follows me downstairs-
what's wrong with आप -yelled-
C: wait what did आप say?
// CUT //