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 || The Vitiligo Proof ||
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Michael even used wear dark make up to hide his lighter skin in early days
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 Michael पढ़ना the प्लेबाय at the age of only 12!
Michael reading the Playboy at the age of only 12!
Here are some facts and pictures.

1 "Not realizing he was being taped, Michael can be seen flicking through a प्लेबाय during an interview when he was 12."

2 "Lisa has कहा she wouldn’t have married him if the sex hadn’t been good and that he was the one who made the moves with her."

3 "Michael was always visiting the प्लेबाय Mansion in the 80s, when LaToya asked him why he was there so much, he कहा it was “to see the animals.”

4 "In Michael’s bedroom they found an लेख on the G spot and another on the सेकंड G Spot."

5 "While being driven to a दिखाना Michael once saw prostitutes standing...
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The person that i admire the most is Michael Jackson because he is the sweetest person on earth who wanted to दिखाना us something very special and important.He is a very heroic person.He wanted to heal our world and help children around the world,Who needed a hero and also an एंजल from heaven to make them smile.Michael inspired me so much through his wonderful talented संगीत that had amazing words with great meanings.I प्यार his संगीत because when ever i listen to it i always feel his presences around me i feel him smiling at me like everything is going to be ok.He always makes my hear feel so...
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To my dearly beloved Michael,

Where to begin....

I'm लेखन आप this letter to let आप know that आप have touched me, & countless other प्रशंसकों in so many ways, but in my life especially!
I never expected to be touched द्वारा आप on such a deep/personal way, & on the दिन of June 25th, 2009, आप did just that!
Your संगीत is truly very inspirational & has so much meaning as well.
I listen to it all the time, & shall continue to listen to your wonderful music, for the rest of my days!
I've ALWAYS, ALWAYS believed in your innocence & always will!
I shall do whatever it takes to defend you...
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