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posted by Thrillie-jean
"The way he came into the place i knew right then and there was something different about this guy.The way he moved,his hair,his face,his lines. Divinity in motion. As he stalked the room i could feel the aura of his presence. Every head turned,feeling passion and lust(okay,maybe it was only mine) The guys eyes were persuasive. That disguise i could not trust. The guy was bad. The guy could only be..." Before the thought took even और shape than it already had,i dismissed it. Like why would a person the likes of him be doing at the mall and in a multi-purpose store which could pass for a...
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posted by thriller4ever
i swore that would never दिखाना Michael's History tour सोना pants and all those चित्रो ( i hope आप know what i mean)....that was something his very private thing...and we all are प्रशंसकों and we प्यार him so it's OK for us to talk about him in any naughty way....and i thought i would never say anything about that to non-fans.....but then when my friend came to stay over my house....i don't know what came over me,,,but i showed everything. and later i realized what a wrong deed i did!!! i cried so much that i broke my promise! and is कहा many sorries to dear mike and prayed for him......if only i could rewind it back!!! everything!! i'm so sorry guys....i know that's something really private and it's only between fans!! i'm so sorry! :(
posted by VMP
Before I get started, I know I had my moments that I'd curse much before I was suspended, but I've tried my all to stop, and I have pretty much quit. And I'm very proud of myself! I've seen that I don't need to curse to speak out my opinion; that people will take me और seriously if I do without the cursing. Cursing isn't relevant, so why do it? Although, I do reason with a curse here and there, like damn या hell, but any curses like f*** now sicken me. I thought we, the प्रशंसकों of our beloved Michael, spread L.O.V.E - beautiful L.O.V.E, not disgusting L.O.V.E.
I would really be inspired to see less cursing, and और L.O.V.E. Just lovely words. Inspiring words. I know all of आप are very beautiful and kind people, but I really think the cursing needs to stop. I see we're all human, and all humans have moments of cursing, but it's still called human to it. May we all take a vow to utterly the cursing and wrong words... ? :)
He may be dead, but 'King of Pop' Michael Jackson's संगीत lives on and the pop आइकन along with punk princess गुलाबी have been voted the best solo artistes of all time.

In a online survey conducted द्वारा the social networking website MySpace, the 'Thriller' hitmaker surpassed popstar Justin Timberlake and reggae king Bob Marley, who came सेकंड and third respectively.

Among the females, contralto singer Alecia Beth Moore popularly known as गुलाबी triumphed over pop आइकनों Lady Gaga, मैडोना and Britney Spears to grab the चोटी, शीर्ष spot.

Meanwhile, among the bands, rockers AC DC were declared the best, closely followed द्वारा निर्वाना and the 'Red Hot Chilli Peppers'.
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