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 Lanesborough Hotel
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This माइकल जैक्सन चित्र contains gasmask, श्वास, गैस हेलमेट, गैसमास्क, श्वसन यंत्र, and पार्.

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This is really cool :)
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mash up
they dont care about us
man in the mirror
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"So Diane how was work?" Michael asked as they sat down eating रात का खाना that night. "Fine i guess." Diane answered. "Guessing your boss is still a jerk huh?" Michael said. "Yep...but at leat today i was actually able to दिखाना him i can in fact fix a camera." , "He didnt think आप could fix camera's? i thought आप told him that when he hired you?" , "I did but he कहा he wanted someone who was certified to fix cameras to fix it." Diane कहा "So did he call a repaiman to fix it?" Michael asked. "Yes they did but he couldnt fix it, because the part that was broken he couldnt fix, so i came down...
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Michael and Nicole are now at a bar-ba-que restuarant. They have just ordered their खाना and they are waiting for thier food.....

Nicole sat at the तालिका, टेबल stirring her straw around in her drink. Despite the fact that she was greatful for Michael taking her out of that hell hole, she still felt really awkward around him. " Im guessing आप dont talk much do you?" Michael asked. Nicole just nodded. "Is something bothering you....because if there is आप can tell me....like i stated before..im not going to hurt you." Michael replied. Nicole let out a heavy sigh. "Okay...when i say this please promise...
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Hi guys , I made this dance tribute for MJ , I hope you'll like it :D Took me long enough to make it actually work , last one was blocked so I re-edited it and now works :D टिप्पणी दे :) यूट्यूब link : www.youtube.com/watch?v=JgLDSBM5-TM
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