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One day,Michael and his wife,Janessa,were coming from the hospital with their newborn baby,Alexis(that's me!)."Michael..."said Janessa."Yes?"Michael said."Should we go to your parent's house and दिखाना them the new baby?" "I think that's a great idea."Michael said.He kissed Janessa.She kissed him back.

When they got there,Michael's brothers were there."Mike!"Jermaine कहा hugging Michael and Janessa."Guys,We have a surprise for you."Michael कहा as the rest of his family came downstairs."What's the surprise Michael?"Janet asked.Janessa and Michael smiled.There was a baby carrier in Michael's...
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(sorry if the spanish isn't correct but i tried)

I start to contemplate in my mind what should I do ? Take her in. but wait what if she is playing me. No she couldn't be playing me with the look of fear on her face and the tears of sadness and दिल ache. I just had to help her out.

“hey आप know what आप could हटाइए in with me for a few weeks until आप find the right job again if it's ok with you.” “oh I could never do such a thing, I would never be able to pay आप back”. “ it's ok” I like to help people out” “gracias michael” , she says to me and she gives me a hug.

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