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(Tonight’s story is somewhat unique and calls for a different kind of introduction
A monster has arrived in the village
The major ingredient of any recipe for fear is the unknown
And this person या thing is soon to be met
He knows every though, he can feel every emotion
Oh yes, I did forget something didn’t I? I forgot to introduce आप to the monster)

You’re fearing me ‘cause आप know I’m a beast
Watching आप when आप sleep, when you’re in बिस्तर I’m underneath
You’re trapped in halls, and my face in the walls
I’m the floor when आप fall, and when आप scream it’s ‘cause of me
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A family स्रोत tells FOX411 that the Jackon family's mind-blowing row comes down to one motivator: access to the late Michael Jackson’s estate.
“Michael’s siblings want money and from दिन one, [their mom] Katherine wouldn’t side with the siblings on their mission,” a closely connected Jackson family insider told FOX411’s Pop Tarts column.
So why then is Janet Jackson, herself worth $100-$150 million, right in the middle of things? Unlike her brothers, who haven’t had much musical success since their childhood days in the Jackson 5, Janet is rolling in it, plus, her boyfriend of...
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posted by 2468244
I am your joy
Your best of joy
I am the moonlight
You are the spring, our love’s a sacred thing
You know I always will प्यार you

I am forever
I am the one who came when आप fell down
I was the only one around (The only one)
When things would hurt you
I am forever
Wasn’t it I who कहा that आप are free
When living seemed so hard to be
And things would hurt you

I am forever, I am forever
We are forever, we are forever

I am your friend
Through thick and thin
We need each other
We’ll never part
Our प्यार is from the heart
We never say I don’t need you

We are forever
I am the one who कहा that आप are free
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many people questioned michael on how could children be सुरक्षित at his 27,000 acre ranch for instinces martin bashir he came into michael's life as a trustworthy person somebody that michael could share some of his personal life with but as the interview went on martin was making some side टिप्पणियाँ behind michael's back saying how could children be सुरक्षित in this 27,000 anger ranch and that he was scared for there safety as time went on michael watched the interview when it aired on tv after viewing it he was left devastaed and angry at such horrible remarks from somebody he trusted and spoken to after the horrible nightmare came to an end michael again had nobody to trust completly many interviews that michael has दिया they tried to break him down द्वारा trying to bring up the past about the allegastions againt gavin and jordie they thought that they reached a breaking point in him a point to were they thought that they won too be continued
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Y.A.N.A = आप Are Not Alone - The song sung to the very few lucky ladies who got to be romanced and embraced द्वारा the one and only King of Hearts.
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आप are not alone
yana girls
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