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I try to resist lisening in.
I make sure I have everything. I remember tossing my hat in your drawer. I pull it out and some papers fly out. I put my hat on and pick them up. I notice they have my name in hearts, stars, and roses. I get Butterflies. I look through them (hey, they have my name on them :P). You're so sweet!!!
I've fallen for her... and... I'm NOT ashamed. She's beautiful and everything I would ever want in a girl. She may be 15... but... आप know? 3 years until she's 18 and maybe we could get married. Just be forever together. The only thing that would be a problem is the age... But I प्यार her. It's not sexual at all. It's innocent, pure Love. I mean, she is beautiful... But... If she was of age and we were ready, married, and happy, then yes. But now all I wanna do is hold her in my arms and try to tell her what words can't express.
I wipe the tear than unknowingly rolled down my cheek, put the notes back, make sure all my crap is packed and drag it downstairs.
आप see me and your eyes light up. I Smile. आप do, too. We hug. "I प्यार you," we whisper in unison, then giggle.
"Um... Adds..." आप stroke my hair.
"What's wrong?"
"Well... God, I hate how your mother made me tell आप this," आप bite your lip. It's always so cute! "... I can't..."
"Is it about Mom and Terry?" I ask, having a feeling.
आप nod. "Terry... Um... He caught-- God, I really hate having to tell आप this..."
"They're through?" I ask.
"... Yeah... So your mom's all alone and pissed, which is understandable... But I'm worried for you. I'm gonna try to calm her down... and..." आप sigh. "I'm truly sorry, Addy."
"This happens alot. It's not your fault she's a whore..."
"Addy," आप say, an odd expression on your face. "Anyways, I understand what you're going through..."
I squeeze your hand, and आप squeeze it back. I Smile. "I can get through this. I'm a trooper!"
आप giggle. I pull up a chair (I'm 5'3 and you're, like, almost 6' tall?) and stand on it.
"Shorty," आप giggle.
"Shush," I giggle and किस your cheek.
... I wish my Mom would actually care about someone other than herself. Maybe she would if she wasn't a two-timing whore... Out for people's Money... She needs to stop complaining. She brings this sh*t onto herself.
I लपेटें my arms around your neck, and आप लपेटें your arms around my waist. I get Butterflies. Our lips meet. I'm in Heaven, Michael. I'm in Heaven's Heaven. Fireworks explode like bombs in my head. Your lips are soft, warm and sweet... Our hearts are racing at the speed of light. It's a soft, sweet (no tongue!) kiss... Until the doorbell ruins the mood. We softly part. We Smile at eachother. I'm so giddy and glad, though I shouldn't be for my mother's sake.
The doorbell keeps on ringing. "Sorry Linda!" आप say, opening the door while I set my stuff on the couch.
"Whatever," she sighs.
"Hey Mom," I wave, trying to hide my Euphoric state, and आप are, too. आप help me with my bag, I tell आप I've got it, but आप say nooooooo.
"Mom, I thought आप were gonna tell me in the car? Why'd आप make Eo tell me?" I ask.
"I have my reasons, Addiline." she growls, causing आप to wince.
"Linda," आप say in a gentle manner. She gives आप a thoughtful look.
"Addy, when we get home, get dressed, get your violin, make yourself look presentable, then wait." she then says.
"For what?" I ask.
"The teacher, Addy, the teacher. Every Saturday!"
"Sorry," I roll my eyes. "The rest of today is gonna be soooo Disneyland."
"Addiline," she growls.
"You always act like such a b*tch to me when your husband runs away," I'm now on the verge of tears. I can get very emotional.
"Excuse me??"
"You act like it's my fault when this happens! Like I'm the Bad kid and made him leave! But आप know good and well if आप would just close your legs and stop giving Money away, then maybe आप would find a good man! I am SO f*cking tired of this sh*t! it's not like I get a say in who आप marry. Every. Single. Man you've gone with was disgusting, sick and rude to me- आप didn't care! आप were 'in Love' with the prick! What the f*ck! The only guy that went well with आप and me caught you! Just like Terry! What the Hell is wrong with you??" I let out a breath, take my bag and slam the door behind me.
So much for being a trooper.

Mom doesn't even acknowledge me in the car. She doesn't care about the truths I've pointed out, या how that I'm Crying.
But you're holding me close, letting me Cry on आप for the सेकंड time today.
"I'm sorry," I whisper as आप squeeze my hand. आप softly murmur, that it's okay.
Mom has road rage, and I'm so damn glad we live close. When we get into the drive way she slams hard on the breaks.
"God damn, Mom," I growl.
"Shut up, Addiline," she says back. "Go get dressed. Go look like आप care about your appearance. Slap on some makeup and look like आप want to attract someone, because God knows आप can't naturally."
"Linda!" आप exclaim.
"Fuck you, Mom," I shoot the bird at Mom and go upstairs. I hear आप try to say something to me, but Mom stops you.
I put on a black, long-sleeved fitted sirt that dips into a "V" and some purple skinnies.
Makeup shmakeup. Forget that.
I grab my violin and wait downstairs.
"I didn't ask आप to dress like a whore," God, Mom, आप just gotta Be Startin Somethin.
"What the f*ck, आप gave me this shirt!"
"Stop cursing! I'm not your friends, आप can't just curse at me!"
"Whatever," I go back upstairs.
"Addy," I hear your sweet gentle voice. Like संगीत to ears and soul. आप just came from the bathroom up here, cuz your hands smell like Pomagranite Mango. आप pull me into a gentle hug. "You're not ugly, and आप don't look like a whore. You're truly beautiful. You're mother's just mad..."
I blush. "Thank you... Are आप staying?" I ask.
आप nod, look around and किस my cheek. I shiver. I want to किस your lips again...
"The violin teacher's gonna freak!" I giggle. "She's a huge fan!" I play with your silky curls and आप किस my cheek again.
"On a scale from 1 to you?" आप joke.
"She's real close," I दिखाना आप with my fingers. Your laugh is delightful. I tell आप I'm going to change before Mom asks what's talking me so long.
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