I was at the school dance with my friends, and the DJ who plays requested songs put on horrible modern songs-so I wanted to go up there and request some MJ. I wrote down "Smooth Criminal" and "Don't Stop Till आप Get Enough". Right after i wrote them down, I looked back at the clipboard and saw a लोकप्रिय girl I hate looking at what I wrote down. She looked at her फ्रेंड्स and कहा "WTF IS THIS? EW!" She furiously crossed out the songs I wrote down. I got so mad. I went back to the clipboard later and wrote "Rock With You" and "Blame it on The Boogie" A friend of the other girl who I also hate went to the clipboard, looked at the सूची of songs, and when she looked at MJ's songs she कहा "MICHAEL JACKSON? WTF IS THIS? EW" she then takes the ink pen and furiously stabs the paper and crosses the King's songs so hard THAT the paper rips. She walks away as I stare, infuriated.