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michael jackson had me breathless part16-19

A waiting golf गाड़ी sat idling द्वारा the studio, but Michael decided to forego it. He needed to get his thoughts together before he saw her. He hoped she would at least listen to what he had to say. He wasn’t good at things like this. He didn’t like the fact that he might he get rejected. Oh god, what would he do if she didn’t forgive him? He couldn’t ask Bill to talk to her for him. Mark didn’t even know what was going on, so he was ruled out. He couldn’t write a letter -by the time he finished she would be long gone. No, he would have to talk to her face to face. Women were such complicated beings, and he hated being misunderstood. Yes, it was his fault for letting the crazy woman in, but how was he to know that she was going to pull what she had? “Well Michael, you’re in DEEP doo-doo.” He told himself as he approached the door. Mark was waiting anxiously. “Is everything all right Mike?” “Yes.” He replied tersely, his face creased in worry. “Where is she?” he asked automatically. He knew Mark had seen his girl because Mark now looked nervous and worried. “She went to her room I think, I hope everything is ok?” Michael sighed. “Gosh I hope so.” He made his way up to the guest bedroom, took a deep breath and rapped on the door.

Part Fifteen continued…
Someone began to bang loudly at the door. I knew it was Michael. “Come on, girl open up!” he shouted. “Please..” Part of me wanted to throw the door open and run into his arms. But the other steely part of me remained unmoved. “Come on, open the door!” “No, just go!” I shouted back. Silent tears were starting to fall again. I walked to the door and pressed my ear to it, closing my eyes. I didn’t want to let him in, but I wanted to hear what he had to say. “Look, I know why youre upset- if you’ll just- dammit!” he swore. I heard a thud on the door and I could just see him –head to the wall- bang his fist on the door in agitation. It fell silent
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