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posted by mehparty3
77. Malfoy: Go home, terrorist!

90. Brick: I ran backwards with earplugs!
Jo: Why earplugs?
Brick: I dunno!

117. Cat: Girls do that. We groom eachother like monkeys.

125. T-Bo: Who's your friend? Can she be MY friend?

127. Sam: आप kissed a gentleman?


138. Reporter: What is your प्रिय thing about New York?
Liam: The giant Toys 'R' Us store.

141. Louis: In my first video diary, I explained my प्यार for women who have a taste of carrots. Since then I've received plenty of... carrots. And... now, I have a keenest interest in women who like lamborghinis.

142. George:...
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