what are your प्रिय Max and Liz scenes from season 2?

not my प्रिय season but they did have few nice moments
 RoseLovesJack posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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Max and Liz जवाब

each1touch1 said:
That was the saddest episode for me. The following had there moments:
स्किन्स and बोन्स Max touches Liz
Ask Not: Max tells Liz he's coming for her
End of the World: Madam tells Liz she will marry her true प्यार and Max tells Liz that Tess can't be her
Max in the city: Max ask Liz to try again be friends
Off the Menu: Max confess he still in प्यार with Liz
Departure: He stays
at the end
Departure 2.22
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