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posted by isok
this is inspired द्वारा (dusty12345)
I guess marvel is better because they have और divercty between their characters. Also in DC makes all of their SUPERHEROS too powerful. But some people like that because they might just like seeing the SUPERHERO beat up the bad guy. I guess tat is why I like DC more. (By the way this is a reply of dusty12345's article.) Also "god" vs "god" सुपरमैन vs thor.
posted by Dusty12345
Maybe I was a little harsh with my last Marvel vs DC article. I don't completely hate DC, but Marvel is still way better. My friend introduced me to बैटमैन and he's actually pretty cool, although I still think some हीरोस in DC are unfair. Iron Man is the best, and my प्रिय hero. बैटमैन is my प्रिय DC now, and he's pretty awesome. So, all आप Marvel प्रशंसकों out there, please give DC a try. आप might find out आप actually like it, but never forget, Marvel is still better. Please टिप्पणी दे on this लेख I have posted. I would like to know what everyone else thinks on this matter.