मांगा मांगा Picture Contest : Round 7 - एंजल (OPEN)

Firiel posted on Jun 01, 2014 at 04:08AM
Hi Manga fans, I made this contest for make this club more alive.

By the way, here's the rules :
1. No cheating
2. The Picture can be Image, Fan Art, Screen caps, or Icons. The Picture can be colored or just Black and White.
3. Picture can be any size
4. In a round, one person, one picture.
5. The picture which used in previous round may be used in the next round
6. Keep the sex details low
7. The winner from previous round may pick the theme for the next round. (But if the winner doesn't give me the theme until the deadline then I will decide the next theme)
8. After the deadline, I will publish the poll and then all fans pick the best picture!

Prizes :
Winner (1st place) : 7 props
2nd place : 5 props
3rd place : 3 props

Participation props : 2 props (For the first 10 rounds)
1 prop (After the first 10 rounds)

Every 10 rounds, I will pick all the winner and their picture from the previous 10 round. And then, I will make a poll to decide which one is the winner of the 10 rounds.

The winner will get 10 props from me!


Round 1 : Love ~ Akira_Mie
Round 2 : Your Favorite Character(s) ~ Firiel
Round 3 : Best Outfit ~ x-Yumi-x3
Round 4 : Night ~ x-Yumi-x3
Round 5 : Anything Black and White ~ Akira_Mie
Round 6 : Morning ~ In Voting ....
Round 7 : Angel ~ _____________

Deadline : 15 September 2014
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