Pls help me identify this मांगा based from the plot

Please help me find this manga. I cannot remember the शीर्षक and I forgot to bookmark it. It's about two childhood फ्रेंड्स reuniting, but the girl is not aware that they were playmates before. The girl loves watching फिल्में since childhood. That's why she introduced herself to the boy as Diana-chan when they were young. She was mimicking the heroine and the movie. She also pretended that she's sick and is dying. Hahahaha. The boy did not get her real name and they parted. They meet in high school and the guy wants to revenge once he knew the girl was that childhood friend.

I hope I gave out enough details. Please help meeee. Thank you!!
 raniran posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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