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Opinion by KatiiCullen94 posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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"SHILOH!" ok so now आप know my name, thats the beginging of a introduction right. Well im Shiloh, And that voice was the most annoying villian wannabe that ever set foot in disney, well applied and failed.
Dalivia, is her odd name. You'd think that with her personality and status it would be somthing that gave आप chills and made आप gasp in fright, well im a three foot mytical creature and I still ain't scared of her, so आप shouldnt either..
"Get in HERE!!" she chockes. Ok tell आप know, that croak is fake,, she does it on porpose, to sound और scary... quite frankly it sound hilarious,, "HELLO IM DALIVA, and i like talking like a man" i loved mocking her. Greatest entertainment ever!
Oh! right , I almost got so wrapped in the whole la de da, that i forgot the whole "Get in here" part. meh.
i drag my feet, into the "Dungon" ohhhh. i gotta roll my eyees at this one, is only a cave, which she rents!! SHe pays to be evil, ha! classic!!
in the center of the cave shung a massive blotchy mirror, she bought in the a गेराज sell held my snow white, she कहा it made her look like the fairest of them all... HA!! i dont know how long i held my...