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प्रशंसकों के पसंद: दुरारारा ☼
प्रशंसकों के पसंद: ⇨Durarara!!
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प्रशंसकों के पसंद: InuYasha
प्रशंसकों के पसंद: InuYasha
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lumforever कहा …
On another note before I'm out, how in the world did we get 330+ प्रशंसकों on here? Ahh आप guys are insane, प्यार आप :^)

I don't have plans of fully coming back and blogging everyday like I used to, but maybe i'll pop in every once and a while to relive some memories~ पोस्टेड ·10महीने पहले
lumforever कहा …
First time on in four years and it feels so surreal to look back at all the cringe from when I was 11/12. Thanks to everyone who joined and got to know me. Hope you're all doing well :') पोस्टेड ·10महीने पहले
lumforever कहा …
My Birthday is tomorrow ! 5/16/13 पोस्टेड एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
inuyasha15 टिप्पणी जोड़ा गया हे…
I know it's really late but HAPPY belated Birthday!!! :D एक साल  से अधिक पुराना