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 Lucas is feeling hopeful
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lucas and cuddy
season 6
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English it's not my first language.

So it finally, we just didn't knew when.By the way kudos to the writters, producers and everybody on the दिखाना for keeping it quite, unlike last year, but this isn't about them. It's about Luddy

My journey with Luddy started way back in season 5x03 "Adverse events". When I watch that episode I thougth to myself: "Wouldn't be nice to give Cuddy a प्यार interest?" But nothing happened after that, until season 6 when they bring Lucas back.
I was happy, I didn't care about the hate that surround them. I प्यार the reveal in 6x07 "Known Uknowns", I smiled...
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I wrote it in my native language, so it's in polish. Tells a story about how Lucas and Cuddy starts to dating, he's meeting Rachel, shows, that's और than not-making-Huddy-happen: real story of real relationship between two people.

Więc, okej, były trzy powody, dla których się zgodziła.
Po pierwsze, nie była na randce od prawie roku i tyleż samo minęło od ostatniego razu, gdy uprawiała seks. Była poważnie sfrustrowana, całe jej życie zaczęło się zaś kręcić po orbicie dokumentacyjno - mlekowej. Mleko i kupki w domu, dokumenty w biurze. Początkowo, rzecz jasna, była...
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English is not my first language

Let's not kid ourselves. We all know that Luddy
is gonna end...sooner या later.

It doesn't matter if आप ship Luddy because आप want House to be with Wilson, या Cameron, या Thirteen या Chase (somebody out there wants the last one). या maybe आप just genuinely like them.
In the end House and Cuddy will end up together. It's what the writters and producers had been seting up.

So knowing that; I have 3 wishes for the end of Luddy

1) Don't make Lucas evil.
I don't want to watch Lucas turning into a evil charcther (although they are getting close in "Moving the Chains"...
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“5 to 9” was an AWESOME episode. So I don’t have much left to say about it…
Anyway instead of लेखन about Cuddy and Lucas. I give आप House and Lucas talking about Cuddy…sort of...
English is not my first language.

“You know? I had a $500 bet on the Colts” House कहा to Lucas.

“Bad luck”

They were at a stakeout. Sitting in Lucas car
“We have been here for 4 hours…When are we going to address the cougar in the room?” House leaned back. “See what I just did there? I changed हाथी for…”

“I got it” Lucas looked at him.” But the age difference between...
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English = not first language.

1) Lisa Cuddy sucks at relationships. She dated men from the internet, (and we all know that she likes sex so I don't think that she had long-term plans for the most of them) ruined every relationship she ever had, gave up trying to have normal family and focused on the baby. So she admitted to herself that she doesn't need प्यार from a boyfriend या husband. And then Lucas came - and it turns out that she can be in something that actually works out. Even it may look silly - loser-like funny PI and kickass dean of medicine, that obviously something that works. Almost...
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English is not my first language.

“Are आप still angry at me?” asked Lucas when they got घर from the hospital.

“I’m not angry, it’s just…” Cuddy stopped to think her words. “I don’t need आप to ‘defend’ me”

“I know that, and I know that House, Wilson and आप have a weird friendship. Sometimes they go too far, sometimes आप go too far…But if आप do something to House, आप have Wilson to lecture आप about it. When they do something to you, who is gonna tell them they are wrong?”

“But still…pranks? I already try that last year. It didn’t work”

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Okay guys, here is a OS I wrote few days पूर्व to let people know how I see the Luddy (quickie) sex scene from Ep 6x14...

Don't be afraid to tell me what आप think ;)

So... now let's go :

Auteur : Volly (that's my nicknam lol)
Avertissement : NC-17
Contexte : Episode 14 de la saison 6...
Disclaimer : J'aimerais pouvoir dire que Lisa m'appartient, mais malheureusement ce n'est pas le cas... et il en va de même pour tous les autres personnages de cette fic.

Sept heures vingt huit.

Elle avait pris sa douche, s'était habillée, coiffée, maquillée.

Elle était prête. Belle.

Elle avait fait un dernier...
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हे guys, sorry I forgot I'd started posting the fic here (thanks monibolis to wake me up! LOL)!

Here is Chapter 3, wrote द्वारा Josam (One of my प्रिय Huddy-Luddy fan-friend ^^)

Maison de Lisa Cuddy, 6.30am :

Le bruit du réveil la tira de son sommeil réparateur, elle n’avait pas
beaucoup dormi. Non. Le corps chaud à ses côtés et ses délicieuses
courbatures ne faisaient que confirmer sa courte nuit.
Depuis combien de temps n’avait-elle pas eu cette sensation ?
Elle se leva délicatement, prenant soin de ne pas réveiller l’homme à ses côtés.
La chaleur lui manqua aussitôt, elle attrapa...
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