Lisa Cuddy looks at her drink.

- आप don't look so joyful tonight Dr. Cuddy – Another doctor tells her.

They are on the open bar of tonight's gala. Cuddy has a three दिन medical convention in Chicago.

- I got the news that a…friend of mine died yesterday – she says

- Sorry to hear that – the man nods and walks away.

Cuddy goes to her table, but she doesn't sit down. She is in a bad mood to hear the speech.

- Lisa? –

Cuddy hears her name but it takes her a while to react. She turns around to see who is talking to her

- Lucas? –

- Hi – he walks to her. He is clean shave now and wearing a suit. – You're here for the medical convention, right? –

- Yes, I am – she smiles timidly – and what are आप doing here? –

- I work for the hotel. I'm head of security; I'm making sure everything is going smoothly tonight –

- आप live in Chicago now –

- Yeah…so what's wrong? –

- What's wrong? –

- Yes, आप have the "something is wrong" face –

- Uhm…no. Nothing…well – She hesitates – House died yesterday and tomorrow is his funeral –

- Oh…sorry to hear that –

- Really? –

- I'm not the kind of person the gets happy when some one dies –

- Of course you're not –

- So what happened that आप guys broke up and you're not longer dean of medicine? –

Cuddy frowns – How did आप know that? –

- If House was still your boyfriend, you'd be घर crying. And your tag says the name of another hospital –

Cuddy sees the little peace of paper, indicating her place on the table. –Observation and logic –

- Want to talk about it? –

- I'm sure आप don't want to hear it –

- आप need to talk to someone and I'm the only one here who knows the context –
For the अगला 15 मिनटों Cuddy tells Lucas what happened to her relationship to House.

- Shit – Lucas exclaims – Sorry, I mean…what a mess –

- Rub it in –

- C'mon, I didn't mean it like that – Lucas clarifies – So why aren't आप going to the funeral? Get some closure –

- A long time I go, I come to terms with the fact that I will never get closure with House. Not face to face, I हटाइए on – Cuddy says – Besides, he's dead! What's the point? –

- आप can talk about him with other people, heard good jokes. Funerals are the best place to hear good jokes –

- I don't want to see Wilson या Stacy and say "Oh House, what a great doctor he was. Remember that time…?" –

- Remember that time he crash his car against my घर – Lucas completes the phrase.

- People told me: "It's just stuff, thank God आप are okay" But when I saw the things I bought for my home, that I worked hard for, the hole in my house, the place I picked because I thought it was beautiful– Cuddy smiles – And it got destroyed, and as House walked away it hit me. He didn't give a damn about me –

- That's harsh –

- Yeah, so what's the point? Why would I go to his funeral? I loved him, but now…–

- Okay that's enough – Lucas stands up – Let's go, let's get out of here –

- And go where? –

- I'm not sure yet, but आप need to cheer up, maybe some comfort food. Have आप ever tried Chicago deep dish pizza? You're going to प्यार it! –

Lucas offers his hand

- Okay what the hell – Cuddy takes his hand and gets up.
- How are आप supposed to eat this thing? – Cuddy looks at the massive पिज़्ज़ा, पिज्जा in front of her.

- आप just dig in –

- Alright, आप win. This is delicious – Cuddy tells him. He just nods

- So how is Rachel? –

Cuddy studies his eyes, she knows he's genuinely interested in knowing – She has a personality, she doesn't talk much, she's a quiet girl, but she's smart and she likes school –

- I'm happy to hear – He takes a sip of his बीयर, बियर – Mom and sister? –

- Good, all good – Cuddy responds – So let me ask you. Why did आप quit being a P.I.? –

- I'm too old for that crap. Too many late nights, hanging around with the wrong people in the wrong places…also now I get a steady paycheck –

- And what does a head of security does? –

- People misbehave at hotels. Robberies, altercations between guests, some people get arrested and call the hotel for help, a politician beats up a prostitute and she's hiding in the bathroom…solve things like that –

- I never understood that about you. You're a nice guy but your work seems so…I don't know…wrong –

- I don't kill people –

- No but…I don't get it आप solve problems for the wrong kind of people –

- They are the right kind if they have the right amount of money – Lucas jokes but Cuddy doesn't think is funny.

- Okay, fine listen. For me it's not about morally right या morally wrong, it's about dignity, that your life has value. Sure I let a bad politician get away, but that prostitute didn't have to deal with the police, the press and she went घर with enough money to not work for a महीना and believe me, most prostitutes don't like what they do, even if they say so –

- So आप do what आप have to do, and make the most of it –

- Yes, I mean…how many times as Dean of Medicine did आप have to turn sick people away because they didn't have insurance? –

- Yeah but it bothered me. Nothing seems to bother you. You're a nice guy and at the same time…amoral. A unique combination –

- That sounds like a compliment, I'll take it –
- This is delicious but I can't eat one और bite –

- Do आप want a drink? – Lucas asks her

- Do आप want me to get drunk? –

- It'll be fun. You're away from home, no one knows आप here. आप can go swim naked in the fountains –

- Well, there is a heat wave – she smiles.

- See? आप already have your excuse for the police –

They order their drinks.

- So Lucas…what else is new in your life? Do आप have a girlfriend? – Cuddy inquires

- No I don't have a girlfriend – Lucas जवाब – Do you? –

- A girlfriend? Now that would be a big change. – Cuddy smiles. – No, I don't have a relationship. I spent a साल just द्वारा myself, I needed time alone, then I dated a couple of guys –

- At the same time? –

- Noooo. A lawyer first, and then an architect. My sister must have big black book with every single man available in the state. She keeps trying to introduce me to Mr. Right – Cuddy laughs – But I know that's impossible, doesn't exists –

- Why? आप don't think you'll ever fall in प्यार again? –

- If I wasn't drinking, I wouldn't be telling आप anything of this – Cuddy takes another sip – I suck at relationships, आप know it. What can I do? –

- Did आप broke up with them या did they break up with you? –

- How is that relevant? –

- Oh, आप broke with them – Lucas grins – I have to ask….Has anyone ever broke up with you? –

- Uhm…No, I always have ended the relationships –

- आप need someone to break up with आप –

- Just because I ended the relationships it doesn't mean it didn't hurt –

- Not, it's not the same – Lucas raises his hand to call the waiter – Hi, would आप broke up with her? –

- What? – The waiter looks at them confused

- Just say: "It's not you, it's me" She needs to hear it at least one time in her life –

- No – The waiter says – Why would I break up with her? I think she's hot –

- Aw yeah! – Cuddy shouts – आप got yourself a big tip –

The waiter nods and walks away.

- See, आप can get a new relationship, आप can change –

- People don't change –

- Oh c'mon – Lucas laughs – Are आप serious quoting House? –

- Despite everything, House was a good observer of human interactions and life in general –

- I'm baffled that आप believe in the view of life of a man who was in rehab, a mental institution, prison and actually end up accidently killing himself – Lucas smirks – It's like taking life सलाह from Amy Winehouse because she was a great songwriter –

Cuddy smiles – Fine, आप got a point, but I still think people don't change –

- Listen, people change for 3 reasons: they suffer enough, the got tired of the same things, and/or they learn the lesson –

- Learning the lesson is the hardest way to change – Cuddy says – So why did आप change? – The doctor asks the ex-detective – New city, new clothes, new attitude –

- I got the job offer and I moved here. The clothes comes with the job too, but I don't feel like I have a different attitude –

- आप seem और mature. So of those 3 reasons, why did आप change? –

Lucas stares at her, but Cuddy doesn't feel uncomfortable.

- Want to go see a band? – Lucas perks up – its a Hawaiian exhibitionist band that plays funkier versions of old Motown songs –

- What do आप mean द्वारा exhibitionist? –
They enter the bar; the band is playing "Dancing in the streets".

- Oh they started with Martha and the Vandellas – Lucas tells Cuddy.

- They sound great and they are half naked –

- I told they were exhibitionist. Come on – He takes her hand – We are getting VIP treatment baby –

They walk through the crowd to a तालिका, टेबल अगला to the stage.

- Best part it's the carpet. आप can take off your high heels and dance all night long –

- Excellent plan – Cuddy says – But first, cheers –

- Cheers –

They drink up a shot of bourbon. The अगला song is on.

- Okay let's dance –

Ooo and I'm ready for love, I'm truly ready for love

Your wonderful sweet sweet love, right now I'm ready for love

I've tried to shield my दिल from love's tender touch

'Cause to lose in प्यार would hurt so much

But as I softly walk in my solitude

I खोजिए my दिल and found there's a need for you

And for the 1st time I feel alone

'Cause I need a प्यार to call my own

And only you, आप have a love, a प्यार I need, oh to comfort me

The संगीत कार्यक्रम ends an घंटा and a half later. Lucas and Cuddy go to talk with the band.

- Magnum! – The singer greets him – How are you? How's the wahine? How's the 'ohana? –

- Fine thanks – Lucas जवाब – This is my friend Lisa –

- Hi! Did आप enjoy the show? –

- Yeah, आप guys are fantastic –

- Aw yeah! We are! Want take a picture? Most women want to take a picture –

- I can see the appeal – Cuddy blushes a little – You're barely naked –

- I'll take the picture, just get in the middle Lisa – The doctor stand between the guys in the band. – Say cheese! –

Lucas shows her the photo. – आप should your mom this –

- Oh I am. She'll be proud –

- Let me see – The बास player asks – Oh we look so handsome, आप sure know how to take pictures मैग्नम –

- Why are आप calling him "Magnum"? Is it…is it because of the tv show? – Cuddy asks them.

- Yeah "Magnum P.I." – The singer opens a beer.

- We met him back in Oahu, what…two years ago…something like that, anyway he was being a Private Eye without a license –

Cuddy frowns – Were आप on vacation? –

- No, I lived there for six months after we broke up –

- Oh – The singer says – So आप two…uh…sorry मैग्नम – he pats Lucas on the back – We're keeping the party going, do आप want to come with us? –

- I don't know. Lisa? –

- I think it's late – Cuddy says.
It's a hot night in Chicago. Cuddy and Lucas wait for cab.

- I could go for a walk – Cuddy tells Lucas – If आप don't mind –

- Sure –

They walk outside the limits of लिंकन Park.

- So आप lived in Hawaii – Cuddy says.

- आप couldn't leave it alone –

- I'm sorry, but I think it's weird that आप hide it – The doctor tells him – आप made me believe that आप moved directly from Jersey –

- For someone who claims to have her heartbroken, आप sure are insensitive to others –

Cuddy stops walking – आप left because of me –

Lucas takes a big breath – Yeah, I just didn't want to admit it –

- So आप lied? –

- What can I say? I got better at lying –

- Lucas, what I was going to do? Make fun of you? –

- Not but I didn't want to admit it, okay? I didn't want to admit that I couldn't stand living in my apartment watching my सोफ़ा, सोफे where we first had sex. I couldn't stand drive near the सड़क, स्ट्रीट where we bought our home. I couldn't sleep knowing आप were a few miles away already screwing House. I know it's stupid, and I didn't it want to admit –

- I understand, आप were angry at me for the break up –

- Oh Lisa, आप know that wasn't the problem –

Cuddy looks at him. Lucas is calm and waiting for her to say something.

- I was confused, Lucas – she finally says.

- No आप weren't – He takes a step closer to her

- So I'm a lying bitch? –

- Your words –

- Listen Lucas, I wasn't sure what I wanted and –

– Please, आप weren't some 15 साल old girl who doesn't know her feelings. आप knew आप were in प्यार with House, आप always knew. And yet आप dated me, आप looked me at my eyes told me that आप loved, told me आप wanted to be my wife. How was that not deceiving me? –

Cuddy looks away. And Lucas feels ashamed of making this claims after so long.

- Lisa, I sort of knew too…maybe…Listen, I'm not angry, I got over it but it's 2 am we ere half drunk and –

- Did आप see it? – Cuddy says – Did आप see our future together? –

- Wha…yeah, I saw a future with आप –

- How was it? How did आप picture it? –

Lucas half smiles – Why do आप want to know? –

- I just do – Cuddy looks at him with sadness and Lucas gives in.

- We get married in June – He tells her – A small wedding, but आप still find a way to stress out about it. आप wear a white dress दिखा रहा है your shoulders and our first dance it's with "Keep it comin' love" because आप want a happy party song –

Cuddy laughs.

- We have two honeymoons, the first it's just आप and me in Los Cabos for a week. Then we go to New York with Rachel, our first family trip – Lucas continues – आप go back to work and आप feel guilty, and Wilson makes आप feel even guiltier. One दिन House just quits, and आप feel bad about it until आप find out आप are pregnant –

- Really? –

- Oh yeah! I knock आप up – Lucas nods – A few hiccups during the pregnancy and we have a baby boy, we name him Ernest after your grand father. आप don't like the idea of coming back to work. I don't longer like being away from घर so I quit my P.I. job. I do some security jobs as a consultant but I'm mainly a stay घर dad, आप envy me a little. – Lucas closes his eyes for a moment, he can picture it – We have our routine, आप like morning sex, breakfast, आप take Rachel to school and I pick her up, I cook dinner, आप come घर tired from work. आप don't get much time with the kids –

Lucas opens his eyes – But आप make up for it on Sundays mornings. आप let the kids get in our bed, watch कार्टून and eat pancakes. That's all I have, I only imagined our first 3 years of marriage. See? I wasn't really committed –

- I couldn't see it – Cuddy tells him – I couldn't see a future with आप –

- आप didn't प्यार me –

- I don't think I ever imagine a future with anyone – Cuddy sighs.

- Then आप have a problem, sorry nothing I can do – Lucas jokes and makes Cuddy smile.

- I didn't want to go the funeral because death makes आप think about your own life. What you've done, how are आप going to be remember –

- Rachel will remember आप as a great mom. You're great doctor –

- And that's it? –

- आप still have time to cure cancer या liberate a small country –

Cuddy smiles again - How do आप want to be remember? –

- Good husband, good father. I'm a simple man – Lucas shrugs – Come on. What the hell are we doing talking in the सड़क, स्ट्रीट at 2 am? Let's go back to the hotel –
Back at the hotel lobby Lucas pushes the elevator button.

- Fun night, thank आप – Cuddy says

- No problem –

The elevator doors open. Cuddy takes Lucas hand – Want to go to my room? –

Lucas hesitates – I should go घर –

- Alright – Cuddy gets in the elevator, but she doesn't let go of Lucas' hand, she doesn't pull him, she's not holding him tight. He steps in with her.

- Did आप see it? – The night shift receptionist tells the doorman. – The head of security with that guest –

- Maybe he's only walking her back to her room –

- Yeah, right.– The receptionist shakes his head – What a dog –
The phone wakes Cuddy up.

- Ow – She rolls over to answer it – Yeah? –

- This is the front desk; आप requested a wake up call at 7 am –

- Thank आप – Cuddy hangs up.

- Really 7 am? – Lucas says.

- I wanted to hit the gym – Cuddy cuddles up with Lucas again. – Uhmm…you're still here –

- Are आप disappointed? –

- No, it's the when we were dating, आप weren't there every morning –

- Yeah, women don't like that –

- I'm not reproaching it –

- I know – Lucas gives Cuddy a किस – I need to take a शावर, शॉवर and go to work –

- आप work here –

He gets up – Yep I keep a clean suit in my office. आप go back to sleep -
Cuddy wakes up again later in the morning. She stretches out in बिस्तर and yawns.

- Sure, two hours…bye – Lucas is in the bathroom talking on the phone. He hangs up and walks out – Hey, I didn't want to wake आप up –

- It's okay. आप already take your शावर, शॉवर –

- Yes – He sits on the बिस्तर अगला to her – So –

- So –

- I liked this –

- Me too –

They both smile. – Goodbye Lisa – Lucas gets up – Oh and I ordered आप breakfast, on the house –

- Thank आप –
- It was a fantastic talk – A doctor says – Don't आप think Dr. Cuddy? –

- Yes, Dr. Woodrow is a great speaker –

They are coming out of conference.

- अगला conference is at 3 pm. It gives us a couple of housr to eat out – A blonde doctor comments.

- Uhm – Cuddy sees the front डेस्क – Let me first check with a friend –

- Sure –

- Hi – Cuddy talks with the receptionist

- Hello, what can I do for you? – The young lady asks

- I was wondering if I could talk with Lucas Douglas, your head of security –

- Is there a problem? Is it something missing from your room? –

- No, no. It's a personal matter –

- Oh Mr. Douglas is out for lunch with his wife. He should be returning shortly –

- His wife? –

- Yes – The receptionist says – Oh I think that's him arriving –

Cuddy turns around she can Lucas and woman through the glass doors, just outside the hotel.

- So thanks for lunch – The woman says – I need it a break from work –

- You're closer to the deadline –

- Yep, but only one page left to go –

- I'm so sorry about last night –

- आप should've called me. I understand if आप have to stay here at work –

- Yeah …–Lucas holds her hands – God I really प्यार आप –

- I don't know why आप add the "really" but I प्यार आप too – She kisses him – See आप at घर –

The detective enters the hotel. He looks up and encounters Cuddy. They stand there for a moment.

- Lisa – Lucas takes a step forward.

- Dr. Cuddy, are आप coming with us? – The other doctors ask her on their way out.

- Yeah sure – Cuddy smiles – Let's go –

Lucas watches leave with her colleagues.
After a busy दिन at the medical convention Cuddy returns to her room. She's tired and just wants to get some sleep and leave early tomorrow morning.

She notices the lights are on. She walks slowly and sees Lucas sitting on her bed.

- Damn it Lucas, आप scared me – She tells him – And I'm pretty sure is illegal to break in a guest room –

- I'm sorry – He looks sad – I'm really sorry–

- Yeah sure – Cuddy crosses her arms – I feel like a fool, so congrats –

- What? – Lucas frowns – I didn't do it in purpose –

- आप told me how much I hurt you, and now we are even –

- It wasn't revenge; I wasn't going to jeopardize my marriage to get back at आप – Lucas gets up

- Then why did आप lie? –

- Because I'm an idiot, alright? I'm a stupid idiot – He rubs the back of his head – and I thought आप weren't going to talk to me if I'd told आप I'm married –

- I needed someone to talk; I didn't need to sleep with someone else's husband –

- I'm sorry, I didn't want to hurt आप –

- Why didn't आप say something? I would've stop –

- I…I felt…I thought I was getting the closure I never had with आप –

Cuddy sits down – You're an idiot –

- And I feel like a piece of shit too –

- Can आप tell me the truth now? –

- I lived in Hawaii for 6 months, I met Jess there, when she came back to Chicago I followed her –

- Do आप प्यार her? –

- I do, I'm in प्यार with her. I know it doesn't seem like it right now, but she lights up my world –

- And आप married her –

- A क्रिस्मस wedding –

- What does she do? –

- She is an illustrator for children's पुस्तकें –

- Do आप have kids? –

- See if I say yes, I would be even और of an asshole for cheating on my wife –

- So that's a yes? –

- We have twin girls: Emma and Mindy –

- Twins! That's great, I bet they are a handful –

- Jess works from home, she takes care of them must of the time, but I प्यार my little girls, प्यार spending every मिनट I can with them – Lucas can help to smile

- It's funny last night, I thought I was the reason आप changed, but आप changed because you're a husband and father –

- I learn my lesson – Lucas shrugs.

- And what is it? –

- आप can get over a broken दिल – He answers.

- It sounds easy –

- But it isn't –

- आप know Lucas, there are days when I know I made the right choice, I was in प्यार with House, he was in प्यार with me too, I had to explore that relationship, I owned it to myself –

Lucas nods.

- But there are days, like yesterday, like today, when I regret so bad not choosing you. I could've had everything with you; I could've let myself truly fall for you, I could've... – she can finish the sentence.

Lucas gets closer and gently kisses her forehead – आप won't regret anything tomorrow, and I won't miss आप anymore –

- Goodbye Lucas –

- Goodbye Lisa –
The अगला दिन Lisa arrives home. Jules, her sister, and Rachel are waiting for her.

- Mommy –

- Hello sweetie – Cuddy hugs her daughter – Oh I miss आप so much –

- How was the medical convention? – Jules asks

- It was alright – Cuddy sits down with Rachel still in her arms. – I ran into Lucas –

- Really? –

- Yeah, we talk for a few minutes. He got married, has kids now –

- Oh Lisa, in the same week one of your ex boyfriends dies and आप find out other ex got married? That's bad timing –

- I'm fine. I think I'm learning a lesson and I have time –

- Time to do what? –

- Everything I want –

The end.
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