Chapter 06: Bad liar

- Hello – Cuddy answered her phone. She was on her way to the lobby.

- Hi Lisa! –

- Lucas are आप okay? – She कहा – Did they let आप go? –

- No, they are being stubborn and they don't like me – Lucas told her – Did आप call my sister? –

- Yes. She कहा she'll sent a lawyer a soon as possible –

- Cool. Thanks, द्वारा the way you're my one call – he told her – That's pretty special –

- Okay, uh Lucas; I'm checking out of the hotel –

- Oh, I forgot its Sunday. Are आप going back home? –

- I don't want to leave आप here –

- I'm fine. I'll be out of here in a few hours – Lucas leaned back on the wall. – There is cop is giving me mean look –

- Lucas, why didn't आप let me give आप an alibi? –

- आप didn't have to – Lucas कहा – I didn't do it –

- I know, but I could save आप the trouble of being interrogated –

- If आप had lied about where I spend the night and then they found it, आप could have been charged with obstruction of justice – He told her – Lisa, आप will never have to lie for me –

Cuddy didn't know what to say.

- The cop is now doing signs…I think my lawyer is here, great. I'll be out sooner…I hope –

- Lucas, I'm staying until आप get out –

- Are आप sure? –

- It's not like I have a job या a घर to go back to – Cuddy told him – I'll stay in another less expensive hotel –

- Thank you, I appreciate it – Lucas smiled, and Cuddy could swear she noticed through the phone – I'll call आप when I get out –
- Hello – A tan man in a suit greet him – I'm your lawyer, Cary Murdock –

- Hi –

They were alone in the interrogation room

- आप sister sent me. I'll be representing you. The police don't have anything solid against you, they are being obstinate –

- I know – Lucas nodded – It's a thing on my record that makes policemen don't like me –

- Yeah, your sister told me – The lawyer कहा – Just tell me what happened –

- Okay –

Last night…
Lucas arrived to the marina. He jumped the gate and walked to the "Blue Mist".

As he approached the yacht, he could hear people arguing.

He put his special recorder on his wrist. At that moment; a big man came from behind him and grabbed his shoulder.

- You're crazy, if आप think I'll pay आप that much – Mr. Brooks कहा as he drank scotch.

- Well, someone has to pay, I don't know why but that कुतिया, मतलबी refused to pay me for her pictures –

- Ha! – Brooks laughed sarcastically – Now that the bride is not afraid of you, those pictures are worthless –

- But the scans – The red haired man smirked – and the rest of the prototypes. Those are worth millions –

- Mr. Brooks – The bodyguard enter the room. – I found this man outside –

- Hi – Lucas said.

- He's clean –

- He sucks at searching people – Lucas told them.

- Wait a minute? – The red haired man took a good look at him. – I saw आप at the wedding. Are आप following me? –

- Yes – Lucas nodded – From New Jersey. I know you're trying to sell something to Mr. Brooks – Lucas looked at the man. –The files of those prototypes will save आप millions on research and you'll win millions selling a innovative product sooner that your competitor Rodgers Inc. Of course, Malcolm doesn't know that you're on verge of bankruptcy –

- आप talked too much – The body guard opened his कोट दिखा रहा है his gun to impress.

- Yeah, I talked too much but there is a reason for that –
- Why were आप talking so much? – Cary, the lawyer interrupted Lucas.

- Well, I was still recording I wanted Mr. Brooks to admit the he was buying files –

- आप still had the recorder on you? –

- Yep, poor Eddie was a bad bodyguard –

- Okay, what happened next? –

- Malcolm got angry –
- Wait. Is that true? आप don't have any money? – Malcolm got angry.

- I have plenty –

- Think about it Malcolm, rich guy with only one bodyguard in a medium size yacht –

- That's why आप don't want to pay me! –

- Your price is ridiculous high – Brooks कहा – and I don't like that this guy knows so much. Who the hell are you? –

- I'm a thief?…- Lucas improvised –Yeah I'm thief I have the same files. I deleted his files and I…want to sell the Rodgers Inc files to you, Mr. Brooks –

- What? – the red haired yelled.

- I got them from his computer – Lucas continued – And I only want, I don't know…a quarter of whatever he's asking –

- आप are serious? –

Lucas nodded.

- Okay, we have a deal – Mr. Brooks said. – Eddie, get rid off this jackass –

The bodyguard pushed the red haired to the exit – आप believe this guy? He just showed up from freaking no where! How he knows our names? –

The ginger yelled until he was out of the yacht.

- He has a point…Mister? –

- Uhm...-

A shotgun was heard outside. Lucas ran to see what happened. He saw the red haired man running away and the bodyguard on the ground. Lucas kneeled beside him.

- You'll be okay – the detective put his hand on the man's chest. – Called 911! – Lucas told Mr. Brooks.

- Oh, forget it – Mr. Brooks untied the नाव – I'm leaving. This whole trips has been a disaster –

- He's your employee –

- आप were right, I don't have much money left I only hired Eddie for the week. See आप later thief – The man got inside the yacht

- Pe…Penny tell her I...– the bodyguard whispered.

- What?-

- My wife Pe…Penny – were his last words.

- Damn it! – Lucas got angry, seeing that Mr. Brooks was doing anything, he decided to run after Malcolm.
- And that's when the worker saw आप running away from the marina? – The lawyer asked.

- Yes, but I didn't catch Malcolm. Then I saw the police and…like I said, they don't like me –

- And आप came back to your hotel? –

- Yep –

- Did आप tell the police that? –

- Yes, but they have something against me. So now, I need आप to say some legal stuff, and they'll let me go. If at all possible, don't mention why I was on the मरीना –

- If they do a gunpowder test, will be any residue on you? – The lawyer asked Lucas.

- No –

- Then we're pushing for a test –

Lucas smiled.
- Hello – Julia Cuddy answered the phone.

- Hi Julia –

- Lisa! Are आप coming home? Do आप need me to pick आप up at the airport? – her sister कहा very cherfull

- I'm staying another night –

Silence on the line.

- Julia? –

- You're not moving to Miami, are you? –

- No, I just…something happened and I don't feel in the mood to fly –

- What happened? –

- Nothing, nothing bad – Cuddy looked to the window of her new hotel room. The sun was high. – Did I ever tell आप the time I committed perjury? –

- Uhm…no. When? –

- Five years ago, I did it to save House from going to jail. Now I'm sending to prison –

- Lisa – Julia felt sympathy for her sister – You're not to blame –

- I know, but now it all seems so futile – Cuddy sighed – I shouldn't have lied for him, and maybe House would…– She stopped. Cuddy didn't where she was going with this

- Come home, big sis – Julia told her.

- I will Julia – Cuddy कहा – Just wait a little –
- Thanks for helping me out. It's nice to be free –

- Honestly – The lawyer talked to Lucas as they were leaving the station – आप didn't really need me for that –

- Oh, I did need आप – Lucas told him – I'm a bad liar, having आप tell the story was great –

Cary the lawyer frowned – I don't understand. Why? –

- Because I couldn't say where Malcolm is –

The lawyer stopped him. – आप know where the murder is? आप have to tell them –

- I know where is going to be – Lucas कहा – I need to get him to first –

- Why? –

- Because he killed a man that I didn't really know, but in his last breath thought of his wife – Lucas told the lawyer – I'll get him first –

To be continued…

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