Chapter 03: Surprise

- What’s wrong with this one? –
Cuddy asked with her hands on her hips.
- Nah…I don’t like the color…it’s too…dark – Lucas answered – The cleavage is perfect, but आप need a more, I don’t know, lighter color. Blue to go with your eyes –
They were in a boutique.
- What do आप think Rachel? – The P.I. asked the infant, she just replied.
- Mama bluuu –
- See? –
- Okay, okay – Cuddy कहा returning to the dressing room.
Lucas cell phone rang. – Yeah, I’m here – he said. – Yes, I found him…wait, Rachel come back here – Rachel walked a few steps away; Lucas had to get up to stop her. – No, I’m not with a girl, well…I am, but not like that. I’ll call आप back –
Cuddy reappeared with a beautiful sky blue dress – What do आप think? –
Lucas smiled – Perfect –
After the shopping was finish, they went to a cafe
- It’s really hot – Cuddy complained again.
- That’s what the ice cream is for –
- I’m ruining my appetite – Cuddy कहा – and Rachel’s too –
स्ट्रॉबेरी, स्ट्राबेरी for Rachel, चॉकलेट for Cuddy, and चेरी for Lucas.
- So how was the समुद्र तट this morning? – Lucas asked
- Spectacular – Cuddy कहा – The ocean was very peaceful, Rachel loved it. I wish I had a camera, a good camera, no cell phone camera –
Cuddy looked at Lucas and how relax he was – Where were आप this morning? –
- I had a…work appointment –
- Right – Cuddy was curious – and what did आप buy? आप disappear and came back with that little box–
- I’m the sleuth here – Lucas told her – But since आप are so eager to know. I bought gloves –
- Gloves? In Miami? –
- Yes, I need them for something – He shrugged
- Are आप really not going to tell me anything about this case? –
- Fine, I’ll tell आप this – Lucas told her – I’m doing it for the reward money –
Cuddy raised an eyebrow, she I was about to inquire him again but Lucas talked first.
– Hey, I have camera with me, do आप want to hit the समुद्र तट later? –
- Smile – Lucas कहा to Cuddy and Rachel as he took the photograph.
They were on the beach.
- Let me see – Cuddy told him. Lucas showed her the picture, she smiled. – I should send this picture to my mother to calm her down –
- आप girls are very photogenic –
- Thank आप – Cuddy कहा – Now lets take picture with आप –
- No, no – Lucas responded – Why do आप want me in the picture? –
- You’re the reason I’m here –
- I don’t like what I’m wearing –
- Oh please! – Cuddy took the camera from him. – Excuse me? –
The doctor कहा to another tourist – Do आप mind taking our picture? –
- Of course – the woman कहा – Say cheese –
Lucas and Cuddy with Rachel in her arms posed for the photo.
- There आप go – कहा the woman returning the camera.
- Thank आप –
- And आप are lovely family – the woman said.
Cuddy and Lucas looked at each other.
- We are not together – They both said.
- Oh sorry – the woman apologized – I thought…you know –
- No, we…we are just – Cuddy couldn’t pick up a word – …friends? –
- Yes, फ्रेंड्स – Lucas कहा very enthusiastically – We haven’t had sex in और than a साल –
The woman smiled weirdly and walked away.
- Why did आप tell her that? – Cuddy asked him – It wasn’t relevant –
- I was setting the record straight –
Cuddy sighed. Why can’t I meet normal men?
- But hey, look – He showed her the camera – It’s a nice picture –
Cuddy observed the little screen, it made her feel better. Her broken घर was now very far away.
Lucas stared at her – Are you… –
Cuddy put her hand over his mouth – Don’t ask me if I’m okay. I’m fine –
Later back at the hotel. Lucas was alone in his room. Cuddy and Rachel went to have रात का खाना at the hotel restaurant, he didn’t want to go.
The phone rang
- is he alone?– He said
- Yes, Douglas. He is – on the other side of the phone was Fowler, the security manager – It’s weird that he’s attending the wedding alone –
- He’s not here to the party – Lucas told him
– Thank आप –
As soon as he hung up the phone, there was a knocking at the connecting door.
- Hi – Cuddy कहा when he opened the door. – Are आप busy? –
- No – He let her in.
Cuddy sat down on the bed. – Rachel already fall sleep. She was very tired –
- You’re not tired? –
- No –
- आप know what I think – Lucas कहा to her – I think आप don’t want to be alone with your thoughts – He sat down अगला to her. – Especially in that moment when you’re falling asleep and all आप can do its think about your life –
Cuddy lay down – You’re right – She looked at the ceiling – Last night I’ve spent 3 hours thinking, I still don’t know what I want –
Lucas smiled – Do आप want to discuss it with me? –
- No at all – Cuddy told him – Let’s talk about anything else but my life crisis –
- Fine – Lucas lay down too – What do आप want to talk about? The weather? –
- No – Cuddy turned her head to left to see him – The last time we were in a hotel room was… November 2009 –
- Yeah, I remember. When I was your little dirty secret, hiding in our room and then House found out and…well…yeah –
- Why are आप helping me? I mean, I break up with आप and… –
- I told you, I’ll always be there for आप and I mean it –
They stared at each other. Cuddy wondered what it would be like to किस him again.
Someone knocked at the door.
Lucas stood up – आप know? I always want to ask आप about that trip. Did आप really think it was room service when it was House? –
- Yes, I did – Cuddy responded – Why do आप ask? –
Lucas walked to the door – Because room service announces them selves when they knock. Like right now, I know is not room service behind this door – he opened the door.
- Surprise!!! – A blonde woman came in and kissed Lucas. – The last दिन of the symposium was cancelled, so I decided to come to the wedding…and why is there a woman in your room? –
The woman कहा lookig at Cuddy
- This is not what it looks like – The private eye said.

To be continued…
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