Chapter two: Confidential

- Yes, we have your rooms ready Mr. Parker –
The lady in the front डेस्क told Lucas, as she handled him the keys. Cuddy raised and eyebrow when she heard a different last name.
- Thank आप –
They walked to the elevators with a bellboy behind them. They didn’t have too much luggage.
- What was that about? – Cuddy asked – Mr. Parker? –
- Uhm…nothing. It’s not illegal to register with an alias. I’m not hiding anything –
- You’re a bad liar – Cuddy said. The घंटी, बेल ring and the elevators doors opened.
- Yes I am – Lucas कहा very proud – If I was a good liar, I would be such a good criminal –
The bellboy chuckled.
- Here are your rooms – The bellboy कहा – 608 and 606 –
Cuddy chose the room 606.
- There are clean towels in the bathroom – the bellboy indicated – that door connects to अगला room –
- My room – Lucas कहा
- Yes, come this way sir – The bellboy and Lucas left the room.
Cuddy put Rachel down. She observed the place the big comfy बिस्तर and the nice rug. Maybe she did need a vacation. She walked out to the balcony to see if it was सुरक्षित for her daughter. She लॉस्ट herself in the ocean view.
- Hello neighbor– Lucas कहा from the other balcony – I was right about the view –
- Yes, आप were –
- Can I come over? – Lucas asked.
- Sure –
Cuddy walked back to open the connecting door. But Lucas jumped from balcony to balcony instead.
- What are आप doing?! –
- I wanted to see if I could do it – Lucas smiled.
- We are in the 6th floor! –
- I’m fine – He shrugged – So, the wedding is till Saturday, do आप have plans? –
- Well, I’m taking Rachel to the beach, and I heard good things about the Children’s Museum, but it's too late for that –
- Sounds like fun – Lucas told her.
- What are आप up to? –
- I have to meet someone, work related. But we can have रात का खाना together या something –
- Okay –
- See आप later Rachel – Lucas tapped the kid head.
- Screw off, Douglas! – The bold man said
- Really Fowler? – Lucas tilled his head. – आप owe me –
The man in सवाल was Ron Fowler, the hotel’s security manager.
- I don’t owe आप anything –
- 5 years पूर्व आप coward out on me, and now you’re here in Miami, playing house detective –
The man sighed – Fine, what exactly do आप want? –
- Just a peek at your security records –
Cuddy walked to the swimming pool.
- Want to dip your toes Rachel? – The toddler giggled. – आप need a bathing suit – she कहा to her daughter – We both do –
Her cell phone rang.
- Hello –
- Lisa, where are you? – It was Cuddy’s sister, Julia-
- Uhm…I’m at a hotel –
- Oh, good – Julia कहा – Mom was worried when आप left early this morning. What hotel? –
- The Mandarin Oriental in Miami –
- What?! – Julia was surprised – What are आप doing there? –
- Going to a wedding with Lucas –
- Are आप eloping?! – Julia asked confused.
- No! No, no, no – Cuddy answered – I’m just attending a wedding with Lucas, I’m his date…I think – Cuddy wait for her sister to freak out again.
- But…but…why? Are आप having a nervous breakdown? –
- No...Listen, Julia, I’m fine. I need some time alone, to relax…and well, this hotel has a wonderful spa –
Lisa heard her sister sighed – Okaaaay…-
- Tell mom I’m all right, Rachel is all right and I’ll be back Sunday night –
- Lisa, I… –
- Bye, Julia – Cuddy hanged up.
- So he was here? – Lucas asked.
- Yes, this morning – the employee answered. He was in the marina. – I think आप should talk to the manager…-
- No, that’s fine – Lucas smiled – Does he have a नाव here? –
- No – the young man looked around – Uhm…He visited Mr. Brooks, his yacht is over there – he pointed – It’s called “Blue mist”…Who are आप again? –
- No one, thanks for the info –
He left in a hurry. On his way back to the hotel, Lucas spotted a nice looking restaurant.
- This is a nice place – Cuddy कहा – Good खाना too, but we could have रात का खाना at the hotel –
They were sitting on a तालिका, टेबल अगला to window. Rachel was in a high chair.
- The hotel is full with other guest of the wedding – Lucas took a sip of wine – I’d rather not to be seen there –
Cuddy grinned – So what is this job about? I bet आप don’t even know the bride and the groom –
- You’re right, I don’t know them. I’m crashing their wedding…we are crashing a wedding –
- If we get caught, I’ll deny everything – Cuddy joked.
- Thanks for your support –
- But what is the case the about? –
- I can’t tell you. It’s confidential, between me and my client –
- Fine–
- So how are you? – Lucas asked – How are आप feeling? –
- आप had to ask, didn’t you? – Cuddy sighed – I have mix feeling right now I’m angry, I’m sad, I feel…like I’m free, and that scares me –
- Why? –
- I spend a और than decade working in that hospital, I just quit…now what? –
- आप हटाइए on – Lucas कहा – आप can do anything आप want. –
- But I still don’t know what I want –
- So, are आप done with House? –
- I…I uhm…yes – Cuddy कहा – Yes, I am. He crossed the line –
- Yeah, right –
- I mean it. I don’t want to see him ever again –
Lucas smiled – I don’t believe your mom, Rachel –
- Shut up! – Cuddy threw her napkin at Lucas
- Changing the subject. Do आप have a dress for the wedding? – Lucas asked her.
- No, actually I had to buy bathing suit today –
- आप should go shopping tomorrow. Women like shopping right? When they are feeling down, they like to look at expensive shoes, try a hundred dresses –
- I think that’s sexiest – Cuddy कहा – But you’re right, I’ll go on a shopping spree –
Lucas looked out the window. The man Lucas was waiting for just walked द्वारा on his way to the marina.
- Do आप mind if I tag along? – Lucas asked Cuddy. – I need to buy something –
- Sure –
To be continued…
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