Chapter one: Invitation

- …Everything changed. Even the little bad things in the past seem bigger, and the good things don’t shine anymore – Cuddy said
- That’s not really fair – Lucas told her.
They were in his apartment. She was sitting on the sofa, with Lucas अगला to her. Rachel was watching कार्टून on TV.
- I know, but that’s how I feel right now – Cuddy sighed – And yesterday I quit my job and put my घर for sale–
- Why? –
- I don’t want them anymore – Cuddy laughed bitterly – I looked at my life, and all I have was a broken heart, a hole in my home, and a stressful job. I thought: I don’t want this; I don’t know what I want, but it’s not this. How did I get here?
- आप shouldn’t have taken that left turn in Albuquerque – the private eye told her.
- I’ve spent the last two nights with my mother who is so disappointed, my sister feels sorry for me, Wilson wants to hold me and comfort me… Everything it’s weird right now –
- I think its funny – Lucas said, Cuddy just stared – Well, from my perspective, for yours its sucks –
- Anyway, thanks for listen to me –
- Want to go to a wedding with me? – Lucas asked suddenly.
- What? –
- I have to attend a wedding in Miami, and I need a date. Wanna go? –
- To Miami? –
- Yes – Lucas smiled at her – This rich man is getting married to a ridiculous younger girl, big 4 दिन wedding, big party, lots of guests and the best part all expenses paid –
- Sounds great, but I have to sort things with my life, right now –
– आप could spend the weekend thinking about your life on the समुद्र तट – Lucas told her – या stay here and keep crying all night thinking of House –
- I haven’t been crying – Cuddy said
- आप have puffy eyes. You’ve been crying – Lucas stood up and smiled– Come along Lisa Cuddy –
Cuddy felt the hot air when she stepped out of the cab. She looked up to the 5 stars hotel. She had her daughter in her arms.
- Wait to see the view from up there – Lucas told her.
Cuddy looked up again and thought to herself: What the hell am I doing?

To be continued.
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I know what आप are thinking…”Moni Bolis, Didn’t आप already write a fic about this?”
Well yes, I did it. But the writers of House haven’t explained what happened to Cuddy…so I have another tale. This is one is और fun and less…romantic, but there is Luddy all over.
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