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Sometimes I wonder who invented hand holding
Just like i used to wonder why we were born with spaces in between our hands आप know what i mean??
Holding my hand up to the sunlight...
Seeing how small it looks ...
Thinking how good it would look in a bigger hand :D
Especially if that hand was yours...
Yeah I have held many hands in my lifetime...
But i wanna hold THE hand... I want your hand entwined in mine
आप know what i mean??
As long as आप hold my hand...
I could care less about the person who invented hand holding....
For all i know it could have been you

. Love…it’s a beautiful torture to our hearts. It makes us cry, it makes us smile, but most of all it makes us learn that without प्यार our lives would be soul-less. There’s nothing we can do to stop ourselves from falling in प्यार because it’s something आप can never seem to leave, the way it makes your दिल flutter, the way it makes आप smile for no reason, but most importantly the way it makes us feel as that the whole world is feeling it with आप that everything in life seems so..Amazing. I’ve had that feeling, actually I’ve had it about 10 times already, but how come at the...
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