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 Lowe वॉलपेपर
posted by twilightlova13
आप would think that living is pretty easy. आप wake up दिन to दिन and do a normal routine. Sometimes it is thrown off balance but आप just adapt to it. We are built that way. But sometimes some people have a glitch. I'm one of those people. I worry too much about small things, i never have just one emotion running through my body, i can't tell what प्यार is because whenever i think i know what it is it slaps me in the face and the hurt and leaves a scar. प्यार is hard for me. I've been hurt some many times द्वारा love. Sometimes i think just giving up life would be much easier than suffering the way i am now. Even though people may not प्यार me, i still प्यार those people anyhow. I want आप so much but i feel like आप don't care. Sometimes it's just easier to give up and not live at all.
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आप always helped me with all my troubles
and i'd do the same for you
when i कहा no one cared about me
you'd say आप do

आप stopped me from hurting myself
and ending my life
आप came to my rescue
and put down the knife

आप told me आप would be nothing
if I wasn't there
those words showed me
आप really cared

but there's another secret
that killing my soul
one that made me realize
आप made me whole

it's that i प्यार you
and even though were friends
i would always प्यार आप
until the end

I hope that one day
maybe you'll प्यार me too
and I'll be waiting for that दिन to come
and you'll say I प्यार you
posted by Dorito23
So as I sit here thinkin about <3YOU<3 i wonder...
Does she stare at your texts thanking God that <3YOU<3 texted her? Does she just stare at your yearbook picture until she swore it blinked? Does she know your birthday द्वारा heart? Does she think about आप until she goes to sleep at night? Are <3YOU<3 the song that wont stop playing in her head? Does she leave at a certain time just to see <3YOU<3 before your girlfriend does? Does she think every color looks good on you? Does she still प्यार आप no matter what people say? Does she treasure every time <3YOU<3 talk to...
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posted by AnonymousXXX
I प्यार You! Is what the शीर्षक means.

"But...Dad. I प्यार you!" I कहा though my sobbing.
"I’m sorry baby girl... you've got to promise to be strong for your mother...Luke....and Pricilla..." He was so weak I had never seen him like this.
"No... No I can’t promise that... आप will make it though this... PLEASE dad!" I was crying harder now.
"Amelia आप have always been strong even...when आप were a baby....." He cleared his throat. He was holding back his tears."Please do this for me."
"Fine... I promise." My voice was horse.
My mother came in and interrupted us.
“Honey I need some time...
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so pretty i प्यार it
किंग्डम हार्ट्स
Jess was always lecturing me on the importance of love.But did she herself प्यार anyone? I was not the only single girl in the school.She was as well.Why did she always tell me that प्यार was important while she herself had not fallen in love? Maybe,I was wrong.She was in प्यार but she would never admit it,not even to herself.
The story is 2 years old.Long ago...........Wait a min,Am i sounding like a storyteller?Well,I am gonna tell आप Jessica's प्यार story now although I am not sure whether its a lovestory या not.

About 2 yrs पूर्व Jess was ignoring me a lot.The reason was that she had a got a new...
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I've never been for the word love
As silly as it may seem
Too many people just say it
But not knowing what it means

And even though I am in love
It's something I'll never show
I'll never stop to say that words
So I'll guess you'll never know

I've never been for promises
They make people look like fools
No one ever means to keep them
They'll be broken just like rules

And even though I am sincere
And feel it's something I owe
I can't say I'll be there for you
So I'll guess you'll never know

I've never been for प्यार symbols
Those really stupid tokens
People give them out like presents
Then leave your दिल all...
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posted by dXcFan14
I sat on the bench in the -nearly empty- park.

The sun was hanging low in the late afternoon - early evening sky. The pale pinks, red, oranges and blue clashed and moulded into a stunning mixture of colours.

I looked around, a small sadness filling my heart. The pain tore at me, making my throat tight and दिल beat fast - faster than usual...

I'd never felt so much humiliation, sadness and fury rolled into one day, all at the same time.

I could see the trees moving slightly in the late summer breeze. I shivered as the sudden change of weather - wind turning into light showers - attacked me.

I clasped...
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posted by CMJCMJLG
आप make my world go 'round,
I can't believe you're a प्यार that I've found,

I was alone in this crazy world
but you're the one who let my प्यार unfurl,

You're the तारा, स्टार to my burst, the दिल to my beat,
I can't believe we're in love, falling so deep,

We are to opposites yet the same,
I think about our प्यार until I go insane,

Two लॉस्ट souls found one another,
All that matters is that we प्यार each other,

I can't think our प्यार through
but my दिल always knew

Here's what it has to say;
You're all that I want at the end of the day,

If आप can see from my point of view,
All I can say is that; I प्यार you.
I had this bf and he was my best friend, I told him everything and kind of depended on him in a way I geuss. I don't no if he really felt the sane way, though he told me he did. We went out 4 lk 9 months then he breaks up with me. It has been 8 months since we broke up with him and I convinced myself I hate him for letting me alone. I bbt tlk to him but a couple days पूर्व he came to my work and I got all shakey. Then when I txted him tht night I got all excited when he txted me back. I xonviced myself I'm over him but idk! I think I was until I saw him. Can someone tell me what I'm feeling?