लॉस्ट Which लॉस्ट mystery that was solved were आप unhappy with the explanation for?

Pick one:
The Smoke Monster - Is a result of Jacob's "mistake"
Polar Bears - Bought to Island द्वारा DHARMA for experiments
Distress Signal - Left द्वारा Rosseau, but communication jammed द्वारा Looking Glass
Black Rock - Bought on to Island द्वारा storm (possibly द्वारा Man in Black)
Some dead people appearing - The Man in Black
Other dead people appearing & whispers - Dead people trapped on Island
Adam & Eve - Man in Black and Mother's bodies
Rosseau's science team - Encountered Monster and Temple, went a bit crazy
Cable on the समुद्र तट - For Looking Glass station
The Others - Normal people, some DHARMA converts, some bought to Island
The Sickness - A way for MiB to change a persons mental state and recruit them
The Numbers - The Candidates numbers and the Valenzetti Equation
DHARMA - Came to Island to experiment, hoping to change Valenzetti Equation
Beechcraft - Drug lords masquerading as priests transporting cargo
"Hurley" Bird - Genetically engineered birds from DHARMA
Electromagnetism - Comes from The स्रोत
Four toed statue - Tawaret statue made in Egyptian times, Jacob's घर
"Henry Gale" - The leader of The Others, trying to recruit Locke
Moving The Island - Turning a giant donkey wheel, placed near The स्रोत
Time issues - Island constantly moving, and moves through time
Wells - Created in the past to determine pockets of energy
दिल of Island - Capable of restoring harmony to Island, must be protected
Jack's tattoo - "He walks amongst us, but he is not one of us"
Sawyer's letter - Written to the real Sawyer for when he would kill him
Kate's crime - Killing Wayne
Locke's paralysis - Pushed out of window द्वारा Anthony Cooper
गिटार case - Contains an ankh with directions from Jacob
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