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प्रशंसक कला
इवैंजेलीन लिली
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This लॉस्ट प्रशंसक कला contains बिकनी, swimwear, स्नान सूट, तैराकी पोशाक, नहाने का कपड़ा, स्विमिंग सूट, स्विमवीयर, स्नान पोशाक, कपड़ा, and तैराकी पोशाक कॉस्टयूम स्नान. There might also be बिकनी, दो टुकड़ा बिकनी, स्नान सूट, दो टुकड़ा स्विमिंग सूट, स्नान सूट दो टुकड़ा, अधोवस्त्र, अंतरंग परिधान, नीचे पहनने के कपड़ा, आकर्षण, अपील, गरमी, आकर्षकता, and गर्मता.

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(2.07) "The Other 48 Hours" is the 31st episode of "LOST" that aired on November 16, 2005. This episode featured the Tail Section passengers of Oceanic Air Flight 815 and the story of their first forty-eight (48) days on the island. A controversy popped out from nowhere in this episode and it featured a fellow survivor named Nathan, whose death led to a barrage of criticism aimed at another character – Ana-Lucia Cortez, portrayed द्वारा Michelle Rodriguez.

"LOST": The Death of Nathan

The पूर्व episode, (2.06) "Abandoned" ended with the kidnapping of one of the Tail Section survivors, stewardess...
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I wrote this लेख after viewing the Season Two episode, (2.09) "What Kate Did" some three years ago:

"LOST": A Tale of Two Fathers

Back in Season Two, "LOST" aired an episode called (2.09) "What Kate Did". The episode revealed the crime that led castaway Kate Austen (Evangeline Lilly) to being a fugitive for three years - she had murdered her father, Wayne Jensen (James Horan), and used his death to collect insurance for her mother, Diane (Beth Broderick). The episode also revealed Kate's reason for her act of murder. She had just learned that Wayne - a man she had presumed to be her stepfather...
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[Sun and Claire on the beach.]

SUN: It's been 4 days.

CLAIRE: आप know, that's not that long. They कहा it could take up to 2 weeks to find a current. I mean, Michael knew what he was doing. I doubt anything...

[Sun notices that her wedding ring is gone. She starts frantically looking around and speaking in Korean.]

CLAIRE: What? What?

[Sun continues looking for her ring and speaking Korean.]

CLAIRE: Sun, what's wrong?

SUN: My wedding ring, it's gone.

[FLASHBACK to Sun putting a hair pin in her hair. Her mother enters.]

MRS. PAIK: [Subtitle: You're not planning on wearing that, are you?]

SUN: [Subtitle:...
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The episodes शीर्षक comes from the statement made द्वारा a TV news reporter. "Oceanic Flight 815 did, in fact, crash at sea," but says the discovery does not offer any sense of closure. All of the passengers are "confirmed dead."

We meet four new characters:

In Essex, Massachusetts, Daniel Faraday weeps as he watches a news रिपोर्ट about the discovery on television. A woman (his wife, as indicated द्वारा her ring) asks why he is crying. He उत्तरों that he does not know.

In Inglewood, California a man drives up to a house while listening to the radio. A reporter on the radio says that it was the "worst...
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