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This is it! This is the place!
It's bound to have just what I need
I wanna hold it all in one big embrace
But first...
Let's find the stuff to make my thneed

Na, na, na na na na
Na na na na, na na, na na na
Now you!
Na, na, na na na na
Na na na na, na na, na na na

Humming Fish, I प्यार your hums
I've got a feeling we'll be chums
This pond is perfect! There's no doubt
Excuse me while I rip these out!

Na, na, na na na na
Na na na na, na na, na na na
Na, na, na na na na
Na na na na, na na, na na na
Na na na na, na na, na na na

Swami-Swans, आप fly so high
Everywhere I look, आप fill the sky
I love...
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posted by Mrbiskit
Note: This review is dedicated to Dr. Seuss.

The Lorax is a 2012 animated film that was made द्वारा the people that made Despicable Me.

The Plot

The film has 2 plots: 1 plot takes place in the past. That storyline is about the Once-ler, a human who wanted to use trees to make a product to sell. He tries to not hurt the trees to avoid angering the Lorax, but the Once-ler's mom gets him to ruin the forest. The other plot is about Ted, a human boy who wants to save trees, but the Mayor wants to stop him.

Out of the 2 plots I like the plot about the past more. It's the और well written and interesting...
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posted by magipink1
I am looking for somebody to role play an awesome Lorax role play Idea I GOT AND here it is:

The story is about a girl and her family owning a theater in a peaceful town not far from Greenville. The girl’s family’s theater is being threaten to be shut down द्वारा a businessman who wants to turn it into one of his mini malls या somewhere along the line. The girl must find a way to raise awareness and popularity to the theater to save it-Of course she finds an unlikely hope in a newcomer she bumps into-yet he along with his invention could help save the theater but a romance develops between them....
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posted by deedragongirl
 The Lorax is staring at you!
The Lorax is staring at you!
Hi guys, I can't believe that it's been coming to 2 years since I watched this film with 3 of my classmates! So, here is my review.

The Story

Okay, when I first watch this, my first impression was that it was like अवतार and Ferngully, mainly because the 3 films are trying to promote environmentalist. To which I can't blame them for getting inspiration from this film, and I truly appreciate that!
However, the film is very to preachy on how they promote their message. This is the one thing that I am annoyed with this film!

The Characters

I was very happy with both Zac Efron and Taylor तत्पर, तेज, स्विफ्ट because this is their first voice over for a CGI. In fact, I could not recognise Zac's voice since High School Musical and Hairspray.
Many of the cast are also new and I also congratulate them for it.

The End of It

I hope that आप enjoy पढ़ना it, do you?
 Hello, enjoy पढ़ना it?
Hello, enjoy reading it?
posted by chocolate18
How bad can I be?
I'm just doing what comes naturally
How bad can I be?
I'm just following my destiny
How bad can I be?
I'm just doing what comes naturally
How bad can I be?
How bad can I possibly be?

Well there's a principle of nature (principle of nature)
That almost every creature knows
Called survival of the fittest (survival of the fittest)
And check it this is how it goes
The animal that eats has got to scratch and fight
And claw and bite and पंच
And the animal that doesn't well the animal that doesn't
Winds up someone else's l-l-lunch (lunch lunch lunch lunch lunch)
I'm just sayin'...
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