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As matt and lizzy fighting and sinking to the bottom of lizzy's demension,a giant thingie riped a hole through the demesional fabric of lizzy's demension and attacked them both!!!it was massive and very powerful!!!It fired a giant rainbow-colored wave of energy!!!Matt generated a nanite force sheild and lizzy generated a dark energy sheild!!!

Lizzy कहा "We'll finish our duel later,first we MUST stop this thing!!!" matt generouly कहा "Ok."Matt rapidley shot spikes at the giant thing and lizzy blasted a dark wave at it!!!matt कहा "So what is this thing?" lizzy कहा "Its a demensional beast...
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Matt on दिन dashed past a open manhole and fell in,matt yelled "WHOOOOOOOOAAAA!!!" as he fell to the bottom.When he landed...the sewage began swirlin and sucked matt deeper into a dark world.

A mysterious shadow कहा "Why are आप tresspassing?" matt asked "Who are you?"
The mystery person pinned matt to the दीवार and कहा "GET OUTTA HERE TRESSPASSER!!!or meet your doom."Matt boldly कहा "You sure 'bout that?"

Lizzy made the first attack and shot a dark orb at matt,but matt matched it द्वारा shooting spikes at it!then he RAPIDLEY fired spikes at lizzy!she jumped over it and punched matt into the abyss of the dark world.matt teleported behind lizzy and kicked her into the abyss!!!But lizzy concentrated and made the platform matt was standing on collaspe!!!

They both fell into the DEEP,DARK,BLACK abyss!!!Lizzy smashed matt with a giant bolder,Matt turned into giant matt!!!So now what,FIND OUT IN THE EPIC PART 2!!!
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She was born with parents that weren't happy with anything she did and was neglected (almost like link) and spent a lot of her time in a dark forest practicing her powers until she was even able to go underground where she now lives. (odd घर eh?) She can stay underground for as long as she likes without dying (another power maybe?)and the longest time was 3 weeks to make sure that her parents thought that she was dead as they had no idea that she had powers of her own. The only 1 in the family for decades who had powers was her grandfather, Dave. He was the only 1 who she could speak to....
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