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Lizzy story Chapter Thirteen: The अगला File part two: Escape
Location: 61st Lenin St. Lexistropolis country side
Date: Saturday, December 16th 4337
Time: 11:23 A.M.
“Enerjak?” Siera read. “What does that mean?”
“Why don’t आप ask the same person that made the name ‘Phantis’?” Chells teased. “In the meantime, we have company if we don’t hurry out of here.”
“Fine. Le… wait a minute.” Siera paused. “Name? How do आप know Phantis is a name?”
“Because it’s the name of the file.” Chells responded, stating the obvious. “Why?”
“Never mind. Let’s go.” Siera...
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Chapter Thirteen: The अगला File part one: Crowds
Location: Phantis File H.Q., Lexistropolis
Date: Saturday, December 16th 4337
Time: 9:40 A.M.
“Y’know when I’m told that we are about to go find some चोटी, शीर्ष secret file that can cause the destruction of the world या something, I would expect people to be up and here a bit और early.” Tess complained, as she and her brother continued to wait for the other members, outside of the base.
“You do realize that आप *yawn* are the only person in existence आप always acts like you’re on steroids twenty-four-seven, right?” Zen teased. “PEOPLE...
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Chapter Twelve: The H.Q.
Location: Lexistropolis Nautre-Dump-Reserve, Lexistropolis
Date: Friday, December 15, 4337
Time: 2:45 P.M.
“… What are we doing here?” Chells asked… de-ja-vu. Standing अगला to him was Nick Lemontheart, and Siera Struthers. Standing in front of him was Tess and Zen Solomon, and between them stood Lizzy Eventide.
“We’re all here because this is going to be our new H.Q.” Zen informed.
“… At least no one will look for us here.” Chells groaned. “You can’t be serious.”
“We’re serious alright.” Tess corrected. “Lizzy, if आप may…”
Lizzy turned...
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Chapter Eleven: Preparations
Location: Raventide High, Lexistropolis
Date: December 14, 4337
Time: 10:21 A.M.

As Tess and Zen’s *Tarnuff professor (*Spanish-like language*), Mr. James, continued to astonish the classroom at how well he could mispronounce every word in modern *Tropin (*English-like language*), Tess her brother finally became completely लॉस्ट in whatever he was saying, and turned to the other students, of which all had the same blank expression, which was “Just nod when he makes eye contact and you’ll pass”.

As Zen slowly scanned the area, he noticed that someone wasn’t in...
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Chapter Ten: Visions
Location: Umbrage Ave, secret base, Triff City
Date: December 13th, 4337
Time: 5:31 P.M.
Lizzy turned to see where she was. When she turned to her left, she saw seven figures. Each of them were aligned, like a hallway, and in the middle was the two figures *she saw in her dream. *Chapter three*
“Chells, I know this place! Chells?” Lizzy turned to where Chells was standing, but he wasn’t there. “Chells!! Where are you?!” Lizzy looked around the area, but couldn’t see the blind लोमड़ी, फॉक्स anywhere. She eventually gave up, and began walking towards the figures.
She slowly made...
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Chapter Eight: प्रशंसक party
Location: Raventide High, Lexistropolis
Date: Monday December 11th 4337
Time: 11:30 A.M.
…“So it’s a win/lose situation, I guess.” Zen concluded, as he and Tess, who were staying at घर to do labor, began spending their last मिनट on the phone with Lizzy, who was at the school.
“And since when is house-work a win?” Lizzy inquired, as she and an extreme amount of other students rushed through the multiple hallways, of Raventide High.
“Because we don’t have to be at the school!” Zen exclaimed.
“But you’re still doing homework, right?” Lizzy asked.
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Chapter seven: The chase
Location: OutdoorMall3 Lexistropolis west downtown sector 4
Date: Saturday, December 10th 4337
Time: 3:24 P.M.
Running after Lizzy’s direction, Tess and Zen raced and raced, until they had caught up with Siera, who was a short distance from Lizzy, before she ran off.
“Did आप see where they went?!” Tess yelled over to Siera, as the two chameleons approached the चीपमक, चिपमंक girl.
“Not too far off.” Siera replied, catching her breath. “Your new friend followed the runaway out to the left side of the *Cocsate.” *A general store, similar to Wal-Mart*
“And आप didn’t...
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Chapter six: Discussion and फ्रेंड्स
“Let me get this straight the very सेकंड time, with detail.” Mr. Solomon began, speaking to his two twin children. “Lizzy told आप that she had found out that her ‘track team’ was having a jog around OutdoorMall3, who were able to give आप two a lift to watch and track her, for ‘training’. And then, one of the vans left before the others with extra space. After which all the seats were full, causing आप to be left at DeanGames. Later after, Lizzy found out that her Cellphone was left in one of the cars, so none of आप could contact us on time....
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Chapter five: Ransom note
Location: 17 Vinnie Grove, Lexistropolis
Date: Saturday, December 10th 4337
Time: 9:00 A.M.
*Ding Dong* … *Ding Dong* *Ding Dong* *Ding Dong* *Ding Dong* *Ding Do-*
“WHAT!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!??” Mrs. Eventide yelled slamming the door front open. She was angry with good reason. Saturdays are for sleep. The average female, या in this case THIS female, will take half of an घंटा to eat, and then one घंटा और to prepare herself in hair, showering, make-up, and clothing. She was instead, tired, with curled hair, a night robe, and a half angry half asleep frown.
She was being...
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Chapter four: The Policemen, the new school, and the Chells...ey.
Location: 66 Jazon Ave, Lexistropolis
Date: Sunday, November 30th 4337
Time: 8:51 P.M.
Tess and Zen Solomon, had finally made their way back to their neighborhood, panting and sweating; trying to think of an excuse as to how they would explain being at Lizzy’s house till eight thirty, of which they were to be home, and then heading off to go help their parents finish moving a friend into his new house. They knew that their parents would be cross; they just didn’t know how they would get out of it.
When they arrived home, there...
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Chapter three: Grandfather
Location: 61st Lenin St. Lexistropolis country side
Date: Sunday, November 30th, 4337
Time: 11:46 A.M.
In a mountain area, in front of a rather large cabin-house, two people stood. The first was Lizena Willow Eventide, a mere sixteen year-old female, black cat, with eyes that would change from dark purple, in usual terms, light blue, if in danger, and at rare occasions, pale green. The significance of this color, was that it only appeared when she had found a strange glowing shard of glass a long time ago, and when in the presents, of her grandfather.
The man greeting...
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Nzelde and Lizzy were विभाजित करें, विभक्त करें up at birth and Nzelde was found द्वारा 2 'loving' people. So loving that they abused her and used her like a slave. On Nzelde's 16th birthday they told her the truth which drove her into running away. When she reached the forest, she somehow regained her memories and was hell-bent on finding her sister.
She succeeded and found her being attacked द्वारा a cyclops. Nzelde got so pumped up and pissed off that she helped. She admitted to being Lizzy's sister then the 2 just made sure that they were related. When they got proof, they agreed to joining forces but then, one दिन Nzelde found out that her sister was evil when she saw Lizzy killing hoards of knights-good knights. She questioned Lizzy about this. She कहा that yes, she was evil-ish. Not entirely. This made Nzelde want to make her sister good. When Lizzy overheard her sister's plans she लॉस्ट it. She turned against her and evilness seeped in.
Location: Lexistropolis high school
Date: Friday, November 28th, 4337
Time: 3:49 P.M.
“Tess? Tess!” A voice called out from a giant traffic-line of students
“Over here!” Another voice responded.
The first figure slowly scooted his way through the crowd, tripping here and there, until he had finally made it to… the other side of the hallway.
It was a young Chameleon boy, around the age of 16. He was dark green, and was wearing a light blue and white T कमीज, शर्ट and blue jeans. The सेकंड figure was a young Pale yellow Chameleon girl. She was also at the age of 16 and had been wearing a yellow...
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The solar blast was coming close to matt and lizzy,diger bravely swallowed the blast and fired it back!!!when it strucked the worm,matt कहा "Its my chance!" he played a note on the घास whistle and all of a suden...the demesional worm shrunk to the size of diger and is now an obediant pet to matt या lizzy.matt named the new worm peircerondo या just peirce.

But then,darko(Geno's father)appeared riding a giant worm known as the godly worm!!!darko कहा "HAHAHAHA!!!MY SON MAY NOT OF BEEN ABLE TO BEAT YOU,BUT I CAN!!!MY WORM DESTRUCTOROND WILL DESTROY YOU!!!"Matt got on peirce and lizzy climbed...
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