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Chapter two Messages: Part three: Receiver
Location: Davilic Eventide Residence
Date: December 25th 4337
Time: 10: A.M.
Lizzy awoke to a beautiful snowy day. There were millions of falling snow-flakes outside her window, a crispy आग downstairs, along with hot-cocoa, and the sound of her grandfather pulling out even और decorations for the अगला day… Bright-i-light. (Bright-i-light is similar to Christmas, though many in the world of Hybria have forgotten it’s true origin. It involves nearly the same traditional actions, but is one दिन later.)
Roused द्वारा the scent coming from the sweet melting...
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Chapter Two: Messages Part one: Penmanship
Location: Solomon Residence
Date: Wednesday, December 20th 4337
Time: 12:03
“OOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOh, it’s beginning to look a lot like Bright-i-light!” Tess sang less than well, as she, Zen, Lizzy, Jack, and the Solomon elders decorated the inside interior of the Solomon house.
“Stooooooooop, sing-ing, आप faaaaaaaaaaaaaaaail.” Lizzy insulted.
“Let’s see आप try!” Tess growled, turning to a smug-faced feline.
“Nah.” Lizzy replied. “Just because I can sing, doesn’t mean I need to lose my voice. Sorry that आप got dragged into home-makeover...
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