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 Linkin Park वॉलपेपर
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living things
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Watching several YouTube वीडियो of Linkin Park today, I realized that there is a lot of bitterness among the fans, and even though I respect how they feel, some things they say are driving me crazy.

As we all know, Linkin Park has changed their style of संगीत many times. They have evolved, to be frank. They started off as young men who were attracted द्वारा heavy music, and thus, they produced Hybrid Theory and released it. It was a huge success, yes. They performed well live, and they showed us that they are not letting fame get to their head. They were genuinely nice people with meaningful lyrics...
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Linkin Park "Somewhere I Belong" off of the album METEORA. Directed द्वारा Joe Hahn.
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somewhere i belong
संगीत video
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