लिल वेन Wayne's Codeine Use

B-Breezy posted on Jun 10, 2009 at 06:35AM
Ok, i wanna start off by saying that im deeply moved by all of lil wayne's work, so dont think im bout to diss him. Anyhow, i wonder if he could have the same talent, if not better, without the use of codeine. I mean, i watched some interviews of him on youtube & on some of them he claimed to love using codeine, not to mention his passion for maryjuana use. Now, with that being said, he also claimed on the same videos that he's aware of all the youth that look up to him & follow him. Therefore, do u think he may be trying to promote the use of narcotics & cough syrup? I mean, If he really cares about the young fans that look up to him & dream to follow in his footsteps, would he want them to engage in narcotic use, &/or risk jeapordizing his/her future? That's just something to think about. & please- give me feedback. By the way, im dropping this topic because I would really like some 2nd opinions from the other 800 or so of us on this fan club. So reply & let me know ur opinion. -THANKS-

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