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posted by dickem
Today is emilee's 20th birthday party!!!!!

Liam: hello, Mr. Dick, May I?
Henry: alright, but watch those hands mister.
Liam: of course!

Emilee: hello handsome!
Liam: hello birthday girl
Emilee: ... and birthday boy
Liam: please, this दिन is about आप and only you! Ummm...... Emilee I've planned a surprise for you. The boys are backstage and we would like to sing आप a song, your प्रिय song..... किस you. And we have a guest तारा, स्टार it's............. you!!!!!!
Emilee: really?
Liam: really!

Liam: excuse me, I have a surprise for the birthday girl, Emilee, please sing a duet with your 5 प्रिय guys.
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~>“I smile and think; This is my job, this is what I do for a living, and its what I’ve always wanted”

~> ''Live your dream and never weake up''

~> “Dreams are like stars. आप may never touch them, but if आप follow them they will lead आप to your destiny…”

~> Interviewer = What's the meanest thing you've ever done? ''Once I didn't say 'god bless you' after someone sneezed...''

~> “You gotta live hardcore to be hardcore.”

~> “I’ve always perfered having girlfriend to just seeing people.”

~> “Whenever I’m sad I just imagine शिशु with moustaches.”...
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posted by wildchild_rids1
Listen up Directioners!!
So, Lou is feeling a bit down at the time, because he knows that he is the least favorited member in One Direction(i know, wth?!). He just deals with it, and pretends like it's nothing, but us who is REAL Directioners and absolutely DON'T accept the fact that Lou is down couse he thinks he's not liked.
So there's only ONE way out of this...
March 31st, we are going to selebrate Louis!! This is how the दिन is being selenraited:
1. Wear Louis' kind of clothes या something that shows आप प्यार Louis.
2. Write:'LOUIS TOMLINSON DAY' on you'r wrist....
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posted by rusher29
 Liam <33
Liam <33
*Sorry for mistakes!*

“I've always had a strange fear of spoons.”

“I would make Harry my personal slave and would make him drive me places.”

“I'd be a birthday cake!”

“I would... learn how to drive... have a nice car... and drive it.”

“Whenever I'm sad I just imagine शिशु with mustaches.”

“It's On Like Donkey Kong.”

Interviewer: "What's the meanest thing you've ever done?" Liam: One time I didn't say 'god bless you' when someone sneezed"

"Believe it या not, but even when I'm sleeping, I'm dreaming about meeting fans"

"Louis shaved my chin the other day, but then he accidentally...
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posted by 1dlover67678
Liam makes the stars look like the stars look like thier not shining.

And if आप were wondering, yes I got it from "Just The Way आप Are".

Any way...Liam is cute and if आप hate him and आप like the rest आप ARE NOTHING BUT A DIRECTIONATOR!!!!!!!!!

Any way Liam is just like Harry. Hae ios a very sweet guy.

Really I can't belive आप hate him!

If आप understand this लेख please post a comment.

Thank आप for either understanding या at least पढ़ना this article.

any way DIRECTIONATOR (if आप are a directioner sorry:() DO NOT HATE या DISSAGREE WITH THE THINGS HE DOES!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
One way या another, I'm gonna find ya'
I'm gonna get ya', get ya', get ya', get ya'
One way या another, I'm gonna win ya'
I'm gonna get ya', get ya', get ya', get ya'
One way या another, I'm gonna see ya'
I'm gonna meet ya', meet ya', meet ya', meet ya'
One दिन maybe अगला week, I'm gonna meet ya'
I'm gonna meet ya', I'll meet ya'

I will drive past your house and if the lights are all down
I'll see who's around

Let's go!

One way या another, I'm gonna find ya'
I'm gonna get ya', get ya', get ya', get ya'
One way या another, I'm gonna win ya'
I'll get ya', I'll get ya'

One way या another, I'm gonna see ya'
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Instead, we're delivering on our promise and releasing the final video of fun facts from the boys of One Direction!

Here is the last highly anticipated, exclusive video of J-14's video series "4 Things आप Don't Know About Me" with the adorable and sweet Liam Payne!

What do आप think Liam chose to tell us about himself? Watch the video below to find out four new things about him. And we'll apologize for the last time for the poor lighting. We were backstage which was exciting, but dark!

Congratulations on unlocking the final One Direction video in our series! Here is Liam Payne with 4 things आप never would have guessed...
-Before I start, I own none of this interview. All credit to Seventeen Magazine. And the interview is द्वारा Devin Tomb. Oh, and it'll mention Dani as his girlfriend throughout this, but it was written before they broke up.-

It may be totally devastating to know that Liam, 19, has a girlfriend. But the way he feels about her will really melt your दिल and make आप like him even more.

17: What drew आप to your girlfriend, Danielle?

Liam Payne: She's got really curly hair and beautiful eyes. I told Harry on The X Factor that I thought she was really hot, so Harry कहा into his mic, ''Liam thinks the...
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According to हाल का rumors, One Direction member Liam Payne is ready to marry girlfriend Danielle Peazer! "Liam and Danielle are already talking about serious commitment. He's got it all worked out already -- he's really mature for his age," spilled a source. Despite all of the marriage talk, though, it turns out the rumors aren't true! "I'm not getting married...no need to rush," Liam tweeted. I'm glad Liam is happy with his current relationship and I can't wait to see if Danielle really is the one!
Liam Payne is reportedly keen to settle down and have a family before he is 25.

Liam, who is currently in a relationship with dancer Danielle Peazer, is कहा to be very serious about commitment and "really mature for his age."

"He's कहा all along he wants to be a young dad," a close friend told The Sun newspaper. "He reckons at 25 he'll be on nappy changing duty.

"Liam and Danielle are already talking about [it]," the स्रोत continued. "He's got it all worked out already."

The happy couple were seen celebrating the wedding of JLS member Marvin Humes and The Saturdays तारा, स्टार Rochelle Wiseman over the weekend — and definitely weren't afraid to दिखाना a little PDA!

"The boys were joking that he would be अगला at Marv and Rochelle's wedding — and he didn't deny it."

Would आप be upset if Liam and Danielle settled down? या do आप think they make a cute couple?
 Liam <333
Liam <333
Birthday: Aug. 29, 1993

Virgo Strength Keywords:
- Analytical
- Observant
- Helpful
- Reliable
- Precise

Virgo Weakness Keywords:
- Skeptical
- Fussy
- Inflexible
- Cold
- Interfering

Virgo and Independence:
Virgo is a very independent zodiac sign. They are fully able to put their intelligence to use and get things done for themselves. It is possible however that their narrow mindedness causes their creativity to suffer and they may lead regular routine lives. They may dwell too much on the past and over complicate things and this may their ability to हटाइए आगे and confuse themselves. In conclusion,...
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Name: Liam James Payne
Age: 18
DOB: August 29, 1993
Star Sign: Virgo
Home Town: Wolverhampton
Favourite Film: All three of the Toy Story movies
Celeb Crush: Leona Lewis
Man Crush: Michael McIntyre
Bet आप didn’t know: He only has one kidney.
Turn-ons: Knee socks, PDAs, giggling, squealing and tattoos.
Turn-offs: Burping, farting, swearing, fake tan and bling.

Liam is a loyal and faithful boyfriend.
On a तारीख, दिनांक he would wear jeans and a T-shirt.
His perfect girl would have to be cheeky but quiet and a bit shy as well. He likes happy, smiley girls. He also likes mousy brown haired girls.
Apparently, he has...
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posted by edwardrobertcul
 Liam <333
Liam <333
~ Liam कहा if he could interview anyone it would be Usher

~ Liam sings songs द्वारा the Script in the shower

~ Liam's प्रिय boy band is N'sync

~ If he could be any celebrity, Liam would be Michael McIntrey because he "is hilarious"

~ Liam is a virgo. His birthday is on the 29th of August

~ Leona Lewis is his celebrity crush

~ Liam asked a girl out द्वारा गाना Mario's "Let Me प्यार You", she कहा yes but dumped him the
next day

~ He has had a phobia of spoons for about 10 years

~ Liam only has one kidney

~ What’s the one thing आप cant live without? Liam: “My Hair Product”

~ Liam, Zayn, and Niall...
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posted by edwardrobertcul
 Liam <333
Liam <333
Liam Payne Quotes

- “The worst thing a boy can do to a girl? Personally, I think it’s ignore her for a while whilst she’s loving आप with all her heart!!”

- “I try to be cool, but I’m not very good at it.”

- “When I was little, I always sad that I wanted a brother, and now it’s like having four of them!”

- “On a scale of one to ten, I’m probably a six when it comes to flirting. I’m quite shy.”

- “Niall is obsessed with Barak Obama. He knows everything about him!!”

- “Harry’s प्रशंसकों are so hardcore, आप wouldn’t believe!”

- “Love is all about communication so...
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posted by 1Dinfection0829
Full Name: Liam James Payne

Born: August 29, 1993

From: Wolverhampton, West MIdlands, England

Childhood Memory: Used to put on his dads sunglasses and sing along to his dads Oasis CD

Parents: Karen and Geoff Payne

Sibilings: Ruth and Nicola

Had to get 32 injections a दिन to stay alive

Said the most romantic thing he has done for a girl is buy his gf a Justin Bieber CD and Chocolate

If he could eat one thing for the rest of his life it would be चॉकलेट cuz it chocolatey

His celeb crush is Leona Lewis

Goes crazy whenever Leona Lewis tweets him

Once tweeted Barak Obama asking if he had bought Up All Night...
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Justin Bieber recently dished that he thinks the One Direction guys copied his hairstyle! Justin Bieber recently changed his look and Liam Payne was totally one of the reasons why! Justin spilled, "It was और like, everyone's got my hair now and I need to change it up a little bit! Once I had my hair, I felt everybody else started to do the same thing, so I decided to change it. [Points at a picture of Liam Payne] I mean, does that look a little familiar? Just a touch!" Ouch! Wonder what Liam Payne thinks about Justin's comment!
posted by ilovliampayne29
Dear Liam Payne,

WOW um i don't know what to say well i do its just this letter would have to last 3 days to read. I प्यार आप and u r my idol and would do LITERALY ANYTHING for आप या to meet आप या to see a concert. and if u are पढ़ना this ( which i wish u were) that would be a dream come true and if u are i would प्यार for u to टिप्पणी दे on my wall. i wish i could go to one of ur concerts but i can't. The reason y is because i live in Vermont and u guys rnt com in to VT my parents won't even let me go to boston या new york या jersey to c u and thats the closest u guys r com in to VT. my parents won't let me unless someone buys me a ticket and kets me come with them या brings me. my mom says she won't drive 2-3 hours to c a संगीत कार्यक्रम but i don't care i would drive across the world to see u if i wus old enough i really would. well i should be going now i lot u liam u r a super hero lov- anna victoria<3
posted by MaddyPayne
1- “I smile and think; This is my job, this is what I do for a living, and its what I’ve always wanted”

2- ''Live your dream and never weake up''

3- “Dreams are like stars. आप may never touch them, but if आप follow them they will lead आप to your destiny…”

4- Interviewer = What's the meanest thing you've ever done? ''Once I didn't say 'god bless you' after someone sneezed...''

5- “You gotta live hardcore to be hardcore.”

6- “I’ve always perfered having girlfriend to just seeing people.”

7- “Whenever I’m sad I just imagine शिशु with moustaches.”

8- “‘The worst thing...
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posted by MaddyPayne
Things about the Lovely, Cute, Hot, Adorable and BRILIAM Liam Payne =

- He Is 5''10

- If he could eat only one thing for the rest of his life, it would be चॉकलेट cause ''it's chocolatey''

-He can't live without his hairwax

- His प्रिय Color Is Purple

- The strangest सवाल that a प्रशंसक asked to him was ''Can I lick your face ?''

-His प्रिय Song is ''Happy Birthday'' Cause it means ''Presents !!!''

- Liam Payne's Parents are Karen and Geoff

- He prefers Showers over Baths

- Liam used to get bullied in school द्वारा his classmates

- His प्रिय sport is Basketball

- Because of his fear of spoons, he eats आइस क्रीम with a fork

- Liam plays the guitar.
 Liam and Louis
Liam and Louis
posted by LILYLOVES1D
hi when Jean was on twitter Liam told all his प्रशंसकों to f off if आप don't like Danniele. He gets upset if आप don't like her and she doesn't like it, so आप will have to deal with it, of course Danniele is pritty and she is a dancer but please don't say mean things bout Danniele! Also Liam now gets 45 followers a day! He's probably down. All the girls were saying Dannieles stupid! He told them to grow up! So please try to cheer him up! द्वारा लेखन nice messages! And NO BEING MEAN TO DANNILELE!!!!!!!!!!