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Gay Support Rights Marrige
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gay rights
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Parts 1&2: A 10-year-old biological boy going to school as a girl. Part 3: A pop singer who was born a boy. Part 4: A 19-year-old biological male who goes to Mexico to have six surgeries in two hours to make him और feminine.
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 An image from "Weird Al" Yankovic's संगीत video Virus Alert.
An image from "Weird Al" Yankovic's music video Virus Alert.
A lot of people on the Internet are link. That is, there is a lot of homophobia on the nets. Some of it’s trollish, but a lot of the time it’s from people being purely honest in their anti-homosexuality. For a lot of them, I get the idea that the communication based entirely in text causes them to forget the kind of tact they would otherwise employ in a face to face conversation. Admittedly other homophobes are intelligent and write carefully written and basically civil arguments, but they all tend to follow certain trends that are often as flawed as the little trolls. I’ll cover some...
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