LPF cast in OUAT :D

ALINE as Emma Swan
"I'm not nothing, I was never nothing"

होल्ली, होली as Regina Mills
"Not having someone, that's the worst curse imaginable"

CELINE as Snow White
"Believing in even the possibility of a happy ending is a very powerful thing"

MARIA as Charming
"True प्यार isn't easy but it must be fought for because once आप find it ,it can never be replaced"

AMBER as Belle French
"No one decides my fate but me"

INES as Ruby Lucas
"I found someone in myself that was और than I expected"

FATEMEH as Killian Jones
"I never thought that I could find someone else"

NEREA as Rumpelstiltskin
"Magic always comes with a price"

RANA as क्वीन Elsa
''The only way to ever truly be in control of your powers is to embrace them''

BEE as Princess Anna
''I couldn't help overhearing, actually I could but I'm naturally curious''

ELLE as Robin Hood
"I doubt I'd ever forget meeting you"

RACHEL as Princess Aurora
"I want justice"

NIC as Neal Cassidy
"They made a movie about you, it's actually pretty good"

ATIE as Mulan
"You're a girl ; - Woman"

NAD as August Booth
''I'm a believer and I want to get the others to see the light"

ADE as Graham Humbert
"I'm leaving आप for me"

JESS as Prince Phillip
"I'm making up for लॉस्ट time, I प्यार you"

KIR as Henry Mills
''I'm not gonna go away just because आप told me to"