blaaaa, first of all I'm sorry this is so lame and blaaa. I wanted to do something more, but school/work are killing me right now :/ But I still wanted to give आप something since you're my epic little cupcake, so I hope this little lame लेख of mine will do for now until I can make आप something truly epic<333 प्यार YOU.
---------------------------------------------------------------------- Ah, where do I even begin? You're just one of my प्रिय people ever. And I'm talking about real life and online. There's very few people in the world that I click with right away and आप just happen to be one of them <33 I honestly can't remember a time where we weren't close. I remember from the very first time we talked something just clicked and we got along right away. And ever since then we've been talking non-stop and I honestly would not have it any other way.

I seriously feel like I can talk to आप about anything. AND I प्यार THAT आप FINALLY GOT WHATSAAP AFTER MONTHS OF BEGGING :P HAHA.. Seriously our दीवार posts, pms, and snapchats were fun but now that आप have whatsaap I can bother आप at all time...muwahahha. But no seriously, any time I have a बिना सोचे समझे thought या feeling that I want to share with someone you're one of the first people that I think of. We have the longest talks about school, friends, family, fandoms, आप name it. You're also one of the few people who understands my बिना सोचे समझे texts and बिना सोचे समझे babbling (because lets be real, half your texts are बिना सोचे समझे and make no sense as well :P)

Gah, I just want आप to know that you're such an epic, amazing, beautiful, kind, funny, caring, little, soul. आप truly are like a little sister to me and you're one of my two प्रिय Greeks ;) I hope आप have the best birthday ever munchkin because आप truly deserve it. I hope आप get everything आप wanted and I just hope आप have the time of your life! And OMG YAY आप FINALLY GET TO EAT CHOCOLATE!!! Eat tons of it and even eat some on my behalf ;) I wish I was there to celebrate with आप and I wish I had और time to make something :( But know that I प्यार आप and know that you're one of my प्रिय ;) I प्यार आप और THAN BURITTOS, PIZZA, AND TURTLES MY TWISTED (little) SISTER. Peyton buddy and Meredith FOR LIFE<3333 प्यार आप ONCE AGAIN<333