Hi dear प्रशंसकों !

Here we are !
The main cast for the new upcomming TV series "Pretty Little Liars" has been revealed !

Have a look and tell us which actress(es)/actor(s) is/are the most accurate in your opinion !
And no spoilers !

Jess as Hanna Marin
Ade as Spencer Hastings
Celine as Aria Montgomery
Rana as Emily Fields
Fatemeh as Alison DiLaurentis
Nic as Caleb Rivers
Aline as Toby Cavanaugh
Bee as Ezra Fitz
Rachel as Paige McCullers
Inès as Jason DiLaurentis
Kir as Mona Vanderwaal
Nad as Ashley Marin
Nerea as Pam Fields
Elle as Ella Montgomery
होल्ली, होली as Veronica Hastings
Maria as Melissa Hastings
Atie as Jenna Marshall
Amber as Charles DiLaurentis