Queen of Robb/Richard & Game of Thrones

HOLLY: Rachel, Rachel, Rachel! I feel like Rachel has seen me at my best and my absolute worst, and she still sticks by me so i figure she's pretty damn amazing! I really do love her, she's always there for me whether i need advice or just to chat. She's a really kind person who cares so much about everyone, i admire her very much. She's such a talented young woman, and i wish i had half of that talent!

ADE: You and I... There have been ups and downs I guess but what I keep with me is our ups. I've learned to know you for the past year and what I can tell is that I'm sad I did not properly do it before. You are a very complex yet mysterious person and I love that because I always want to know more about you. I feel like you are full of bravery and that you do work a lot on yourself to be/feel better. The funny thing is that we have very few fandoms in common but I know we both love GOT/OTH the same way and that's how we can connect. Plus, I love sharing personal stuff to her because I trust her to be honest with me. To finish with, I love her art.

BEE:Gosh, I think she's the person that's kept me sane through these past 6 or so months. Listening to me whittering on about my silly little problems and cheering me on at the sidelines. I hope she understands how truly thankful I am, and how truly wonderful she is! Love you!<3

INES: Rach is probably the one I've spent the most time talking about life. I tried my best to help and advice her when she needed it and I hope it worked =) The thing I realy like is that she learnt from her mistakes, she tried to change, and she did it ! I'm really proud of you girl ! We also talk a lot about GoT ! She's one of the people I met a long time ago, on the CBF <3 And writing skills of course...

NEREA: I also met her in another group and, from the beginning, she seemed such a kind person to me. What I’ve seen of her so far is that she is a lovely girl who seems to take care a lot her friends. Besides, I love her passion she has to Game of Thrones and to the A Song of Ice and Fire saga.

ATIE: This girl is so amazing and she doesn't even know it.She's so kind,selfless and gentle.She is so modest.She's such a talented person but she will never believe me! She's one half of my most dear ship which is Robbchardchel<3 Her love for Richard is so awesome.She's so passionate.and she loves wholeheartedly. I love talking to her and ranting to her and she's always there to listen and I love her so much for it

JESS: AHH Rach! I love her so much, we used to and still write over PM SOO MUCH. We would start off with 1 topic and end up writing 22 paragraphs. She so nice and always spreading love and compliments <3 I seriously just wish her the best and OF COURSE a happily ever after with her man Rob! And duuh she reminds me of GOT, that's completly her thing and I think she's also a very talented, young, smart and caring girl <3

ELLE: Rach, what can I say. Since coming back you and I have become closer then we were before. You helped me when I was insecure about coming back and made me realise how much everyone missed me. She and I have practically spoken every day and I am loving our chats <3 Her love for LPF, Robb/Richard, GoT and Cinderella melts my heart and makes me smile. She is one of the best people I have met, and I NEVER want her to change!

MARIA: Epic, smart, talented person<3. One of the people who always looks out for me and listens to me . We usually talk for hours via pm and I love our talks because she always understands me and I can be honest with her .Love you<3

NIC: This cutiepie!!<333 Our LPF baker (When we meet someday, you'll bake all day your epic rainbow cakes and I'll talk, deal?) and one of the sweetest girls you'll ever meet! I'm so glad I've known her through all her phases and now I can say that sweetheart couldn't fit her more, always here for her friends. Love you Starden bitch <33

FATEMEH: Rachel you’re a great person. Not just in words but in real. I open up to you so much and you’re always there to listen. You’re always there for everyone. You’re one of the most intelligent, sweet, caring and strongest people I know. You’re so creative. Your writing is seriously one of my favorites ever. I’m so glad we have become so close. So glad to call you one of my best friends.

AMBER: Rach and I have gotten soooo much closer this year and I am so grateful for that. She always listens to my complaints about work, and never makes me feel like I’m being petty or overreacting, which I really appreciate, lol. And the fangirling that we do about our men/perfect families/us in our shows is pretty epic. She’s so kind, intelligent, and creative, and I admire her so so much. Love you (and our ultimate good genes otps!) so much <33

ALINE: Rachel, you know that you're my best friend on the LPF and you're it is so amazing how close we‘ve become over the years but it makes sense since you’re this awesome, beautiful and truly epic person - I'm pretty sure our friendship is epic because one half of it (that's you ;) ) is that epic <3 - I just admire and am so proud of the fact that you chose to become the better version of yourself and that I just want you to be utterly happy because you deserve it so much. LOVE YOU <3

RANA; My momma<3 Rach and I have always been super close, but ever since we both moved out and were on our own we just became even closer. She’s probably the member that has seen me at my worst but still accepts me and loves me. Rach is always there for me and I can easily talk to her about anything. She’s been one of my closest friends for so long and I just adore her to bits and pieces. She understands and completely accepts my craziness, cuz tbh I kinda don't give her a choice :P<3 Love you my Snow (momma).

KIR: I love how passionate you are about your favourite characters and stuff. GO RACHEL AND ROBB/RICHARD <33 haha. You're such a good friend to me and you're always there when I need to talk to someone!

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