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 carly (the tomboy,but kind, sister of lexi
carly (the tomboy,but kind, sister of lexi
in the land of mobius there lived 2 girls named lexi and carly
''ugh...morning again?'' noticed carly,
''i guess'' कहा lexi,
''i'm going to see were senshi is'' कहा carly,
''um ok'' कहा lexi,
as carly walked out the door a explosion happened
''WTF WAS THAT?!'' कहा carly,
carly ended up hearing it from mobius...it was..SENSHI!
everyone was screaming and runing from her
''whats going on!?'' कहा carly,
as carly raced into mobius a store was blowed up the store also had a आग inside it that also exoploded
''MY GOD WTF!?!?'' कहा carly
senshi then came back unconscious her eyes no longer turned red and...
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Source: ME
Name: Carly the hedgehog
तारीख, दिनांक of birth (also lexi's): 14/02/2002
age: 16
powers: powerful stars
abilitys: carly and lexi have both powerful stars,each color has a different meaning and different reaction:
नारंगी, ऑरेंज means confusion

red means fire

and green means electric

if done all together makes a और powerful attack called ''moon confuse''

bio: carly and lexi had a sharing complete of personality

carly was a tomboy girl with complete of NO MANNERS!
she always got in lexi's way and never did anything to help her with (except saving her) but inside she cares for lexi and might दिखाना it द्वारा helping her with things (this will appear in my upcoming story ''too sisters,1 life''