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 CoCo and Tyler
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This is a picture of CoCo and Tyler together द्वारा a Let it shine poster board!!!
coco jones
tyler james williams
let it shine
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This Let It Shine चित्र might contain हस्ताक्षर, पोस्टर, पाठ, चॉकबोर्ड, साइन, and साइन इन करें.

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आप wanna know the truth?
Check it out

How should I describe ya?
Sweeter than Godiva
But your thoughts go deeper
Than a scuba diver
Whether you're in sweat pants
Or dressed in Prada
You can make me dizzy
Like a racecar driverrrrr

I wanna take आप to a party
Hold your hand and दिखाना off to everybody
Me, I can be in jeans and a hood
Cuz you're so fine, आप make me look good

Oh, you're the passion in my life
You're the secret I can't hide
There will come a day, I can't wait to say
You belong to me, girl (Baby आप belong to me)

And if I let आप know tonight
It'll be alright I bet (i bet)
You don't know it...
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Her beauty's crazy
I watch her from the crowd
Her voice is so amazing
She make her momma proud
I tried to send her flowers
But she has no address
Her घर is in my heart
It's like she never left

This is और than a crush
More than a like like
More than a love
Baby I'ma make आप mine
And I ain't giving up

Don't run away
Don't run away from the truth
'Cause I'm not giving up on you

Shawty आप got fire
But I'm preaching to the choir
I know आप know
The whole world is watching you, so

Don't run away
Don't run away from the truth
'Cause I'm not giving up on you

Uh, they say true प्यार is blind
That real romance...
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posted by shakeituplover2
After watching let it shine 4 times it relly spoke to me. I dont know about आप haters out there,but i like let it shine.And people,please be a प्रशंसक of this movie thers only 139 weesly fans! And then i looked at shake it ups and high school म्यूज़िकल्स also good luck charlies fans,alot.So what im saying is iI प्यार it and iI hope आप people do to.

About me!
----------------------------------------------------------------Hey im shkaituplover2.And आप not might like my opinion,but im a person who stads out,be's myself, stands up for what i belive in.Anyway im shakeituplover2 and i live in witchita kansas,and whats so crazy is i started fanpoping around my birthday this साल wich is in march.And something else,if आप like me as a freind i would luv to be freinds या have something in coman i would luv to be your freind and talk about shake it up.

Freind me! Shakeituplover2
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*Clap* (x8)

The party's gone wild
Tonight's the night
This club is on fire
Put up your lights

The party's gone wild
Tonight's the night
(Its about to go down)
(Its about to go down)
Put your hands in the air
Its about to go down!

-The Boss-
And they call आप "The Bling"
But your do's look spored
Your platinum chains
I take aluminium for
Hat's too small
'Cause your head's too big
Hair under your arms
Like a real big wig

Stop, quit
Bling retire
Your breath so bad
That your face needs a shower
Marathon wash
Two या three hours
The roof of your mouth
Your mouth is on fire

It's about to go down
It's about to go down
Put your...
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posted by BigFan12345
Here we go again, prepare to meet your end
Just looked आप up on Facebook, आप have zero friends
This kid's a loser yo, he ain't even kissed a girl
You write her प्यार letters I buy her ice and pearls
So how आप like me now?
Even Roxanne's in the background saying 'Wow, Bling's got style'
I'm off the सोना chain
If you're a rapper why is Kris your backup dancer
Like an extra on soul train
I see your mommy and your daddy in the front row
They must be embarrassed for आप bro
You're not a real M.C.
You should quit hip-hop
Now be a good bus boy and go get your mop

Bling, आप don't wanna battle
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added by h3rmioneg
A New डिज़्नी Channel Original Movie about a shy rap songwriter and his best friend. 2012.
डिज़्नी चैनल
original movie
let it shine
let it shine
डिज़्नी चैनल
original movie
radio डिज़्नी