Thanks for पढ़ना
Fee “The Kid” Herod, The Quick and the Dead
Before टाइटैनिक , Leo gave a heartwarming performance in this movie . His character just wants to be loved द्वारा his father, his father shoots him, leaving him to worm on the ground, professing over and over that he doesn’t want to die.

Jack Dawson , टाइटैनिक
Anyone would agree that Leo was great as Jack . He gave an amazing performance and after टाइटैनिक , soon he was ruling every girl's दिल .

Dom Cobb, Inception
This movie was mind-blowing and Leo's performance as Cobb was amazing .....even haters would agree with this...

Howard Hughes, The Aviator

Arnie Grape, What’s Eating Gilbert Grape
Even though Leo played the supporting role , he was the real तारा, स्टार of the movie . He was adorable as Arnie and his performance brought tears in my eyes ❤ Playing a mentally challenged character is not easy but Leo did an amazing job .

These were some of his performances that I loved...some others that I loved are

Frank Wheeler, Revolutionary Road
Billy Costigan Jr., The Departed
Frank Abagnale Jr., Catch Me If आप Can
Romeo Montague , Romeo + Juliet
AND SO ON............

Thanks for पढ़ना
Thanks for पढ़ना
Thanks for पढ़ना