A jewellery store worker in Sydney thought Leonardo DiCaprio was a robber when he walked into her खरीडिए with two burly bodyguards.
She failed to recognise the Hollywood A-lister yesterday as he went incognito in a hoodie, टोपी and dark sunglasses.

One of Leo's minders had stood at the door of the खरीडिए to keep watch while the other walked inside with him as he looked for a present for his mother.

'Linda was working on her own and I was अगला door grabbing a coffee.
'Linda was serving a customer when the two big bodyguards approached. The customer sees what's happening and says, "This doesn't look good".'

'Linda sent the customer अगला door to get me, thinking the खरीडिए is about to be robbed द्वारा these guys.
'By the time I get in there Linda has realised who she was serving and let me know everything was all right.'
Kane described the टाइटैनिक तारा, स्टार as 'very friendly' and he told staff he was looking for a gift for his German mother, Irmelin.

He picked out a Nepalese antique हार set with the semi-precious stone lapis lazuli and coral worth about $1600 (£1,052).
But Leo's car was parked in a clearway and he had to leave the हार behind as they moved it.
'So he कहा he would be back to buy it another day,' Kane said.
'He was very cool and कहा he was having a great time in Sydney. He eventually took his sunglasses off.'
Leo, who is dating Gossip Girl तारा, स्टार Blake Lively, is staying in Sydney while filming the Baz Luhrmann movie, The Great Gatsby.
He looks to be enjoying his time there, hanging out with co-star Tobey Maguire and enjoying the picturesque Sydney Harbour.

He is also कहा to have attended parties and tried his hand at a local casino.