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loorofzadaa posted on Feb 18, 2012 at 06:05PM
Hey it's Loorofzadaa! i am making a interesting story about Loor, who's parents were killed by groudon, and about Kasha who's parents were killed by Darkrai.
Choose your side and read this every so offten.
Have fun!

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Loor strode through the forest with the wind blowing in her face. "vv" she shivered. "I can't beleive i'm really running away." She mummbled to herself. Her mind driffted to her "parents". The girls parents were really her caretakers Loor was an orphan, her parents died when she was 3. They died in a fire caused by the mighty groudon during his unstoppable rage. The caretakers were mean annoying people, and Loor was basically their slave. They would make fun of her and say her parents were stupid for letting themselves burn. "your burning ghost parents woud have wanted you to scrub the toilet." Loor recalled them saying.
Now, Loor was running away. "Owww!" She screeched then swore. The wind chilled even more and a rock flew out of nowhere and hit her nose. "What the..." She looked up and nearly fainted.

Some ghost was floating above her. "Excuse me you're floating on my backpack." Loor said to the ghost. "oh... Um sorry." the ghost floated to the side. " Who are you exactly?" Loor asked. "Now you ask... I am Darkrai, lord of darkness." He said. "Cool." Loor muttered trying to say it without crying. Darkrai had the most perplexed look on his face, he seemed disapointed that he wasn't scaring Loor. " What brings you here on this beautiful night?" Darkrai asked. "I'm running away from my caretakers, they treat me like a slave." Loor spoke. "Ahh, that makes more sense most kids I meet are running away." Darkrai said. "I suppose most ran away from you too." Loor said. " Well yes, but some come and follow me. Shall you?" The ghostly pokemon asked. "Yes please." Loor responded and followed Darkrai.

The walk to wherever Darkrai wanted Loor to go was treacherous, scary and wet. Very wet. It started raining and Loor wished she had broughted her umrella, even thought the umbrella wasn't much because the caretakers never let her buy anything fancy. She stil wished she had it. "Rain... the one thing that ruins a very beautiful nigh such as this.huh" Darkrai sighed. Loor observed the full moon and beheld its glory. "Enjoying it to are you?" He asked. "Yes actully, I am." Loor admitted. A sableye glanced up at them once they reached a massive, strong, broud tree. "Girl?" The sableye asked. "A talking sableye?" Loor asked. Sableye looked at Loor. "All who are oe with the night can become more inteligent then ever before." The gem eyed pokemon answered. "KECKKECKKECK!!!" Darkrai snickered and the enormous tree opened. "Wow" Loor said speechless. "Yup. Come on in. We got tea. It tastes good. I also like coffee. We have that too." Sableye said. "Yes... pokemon can talk here but they might not speek in big sentences." Darkrai said. Loor, Darkrai, and sableye entered the big hollow tree, what Loor saw amazed her. "This, Loor is Night Academy. Here humans and pokemon learn how to use dark, ghost, dragon, phychic, and steel powers. Loor i would like you to join." Darkrai offerd. "Yes, i think i will." Loor responded.

Loors first day at NA was pretty good of course there were those little misshapps...
"Well even though this is the Night Acedemy we only have classes at day so here's your dorm key." Darkrai said.

"Thanks." Loor thanked him. "Your welcome, Sableye will go with you to your dorm. Here in NA humans and pokemon work together as partners, trust me it helps." Darkrai informned Loor. "Ok, cool. Come on Sableye!" Loor beckoned "Yes. I will follow. Then i enter." Sableye said. "We may have to work on your vocabulary a tiddly bit." Loor said. "Yes. I would like that. We should leave. Now." Sableye stuttered.
Loor and Sableye ventured into the halls with mistified looks on their face. A blur of vision fell upon Loors eyes. "UHH!" Loor collapsed. "Loor?" Sableye worried.

Loors vision blured and suddenly she couldnt see. Her mind twisted and turned then an image appeared in her mind. A colossal red beast 37 stories tall appeared in Loors brain. "You're just as pathetic as your parents." It said. "Groudon!" Loor bellowed. "Look who can say things people are already aware of. Bravo. Now... to more serious matters. I'm going to destroy you and your friends, if I get lucky I will even kill the remainder of your family. Toodles!" Groudon threatened. "Come back and fight! I'll klicken kill you!!!" Loor screamed. As Groudon faded away he had just the time to say, "You're so insecure. You are a nusence. Goodbye." "I'll never allow you to do that." Loor finished.
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(Yup all pendragon characters)

Kasha rested in the lair with a bored look on her face. "Hurry up Groudon I'm bored..." She mumbled to herself. Groudon was medlling (you know the thing that they say in Scooby Doo) with Loor. Kasha had no clue why Groudon did this but she didn't care. She hated anything to do with Darkrai. Darkrai killed her parents in a nighmare. Or at least Kash thought they were dead. They bassicaly disapeared out of their bed.
Her mind flashed back to that day. "AAHHH!" Kasha woke up with a satrt when she heard the scream. She put her head on the wall and listen. "Darkrai, you don't have do this." Her mom said. "Marie you must listen, the time has come your are coming." Darkrai said. "We can't." Her dad said. "I'm afraid you have no choice." Darkrai said. "HRACKAPOWNIE!" Darkrai screamed. Lightning flashed, and Kasha projected herself into her parents bedroom. They were gone. Tears filled her eyes, "How? How? HOW!!!" She screamed. A shadow flashed around the corner then faded. "Darkrai." Kasha somehow reconized him. She jotted down the thing Darkrai screamed. It sounded like ha-rack-u-pow-ny. "It may be usefull." she said as she cried. Poor 7 year old.

Kasha returned from her daydream. More like daynightmare. She thought. "Kasha are you thinking about them again?" A black shadow asked. "Yah, Houndoor. I HATE DARKRAI!" Kasha raged.

"Look Kasha i know you miss yor parents but you have to understand that right now there's a bigger task at hand." Houndoor said. "Yah, your right. I hope Groudon taught that Loor chick a lesson." Kasha began to chukkle.

PFFF! "What was that?" The she dog ran around in circles. "I HAVE NO CLUE!" Kasha yelled.

One of the other students from the Fire Academy appeared. "Kasha, some one broke in. We have to stop them right now or everything us and Groudon worked for will be gone!" Bella stammered. "You're right. I'm not going to let that happen, Houndoor you ready?" Kasha asked. "More ready then I will ever be." Houndoor responded.

"Let's go!" The trio said. They peeked around the corner and saw something very strange, it was a phoenix. "Ho-oh?" Bella asked. "No, I'm Moltress. Ho-oh is just a downright copy of me. Have either of you three seen Groudon?" Moltresss aked. "Umm, he's sabatouging(How do you spell that?) Darkrai." Houndoor responded. "Oh well, I'll be back. Tell Grouon when he comes back i was here." Moltress asked. "Okay." Kasha said. The phoenix cawed and spred its wings. It lept out of the hole in the wall and disapeared.
"That was strange." Bella said. "Yah, it was." Kasha replied.