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posted by cynder1
a group of malefor's grublins approached the crystal that spyro created with his powers the leader now कहा ' break it' a small grublin went right over to the chrystal and smashed its head into it it began to glow and voices echoed ' spyro no!' ' get close to me now!' then the crystal shatterd and spyro, cynder and sparx lay unconsious on the ground then the leader of the group of grublins said'chain them' then he pulled out a box with two blue snakes in it and then the small grublin lifted spyro's neck and put the snake on him then they left out of his hiding place a caped archer appeard and lifted up sparx and left
and now i dont remember anything elese
SPYRO: Ignitus there was somthing familiar in her eyes...
IGNITUS: There should be Spyro. आप see आप and Cynder have alot और in common than आप think...
SPARX: Is that why she is huge...Monsterous...terrifiying..........pretty. OOPS did I just say that?
IGNITUS: Spyro the night of the attack the apes destroyed all the dragon eggs. But they still needed a dragon. They poisoned her and raised her to rescue the Dark Master.

I didnt use the proper word what Sparx कहा to respect the terms of service. But how comes he hates her in the other games? And who would hate cynder??? REMEMBER: Cynder rules!!!!!!
posted by cynder1
'right we better find out wats goin on'so they travelld thru the forest to see wats happenin when they got there both of them dropped thier jaws 'GAUL???!!!'they both कहा 'hahahahah well if it isnt the purple whelpling and hes brought the pathetic cynder with him' ' i thought i killed u' but havent u forrgotten that u killed me at the well of souls dosent that give u a clue how im back from the dead?' ' ohno i forgot the well of souls malefor probably brought u back' why yes he did now cynder ready to come back to evil again?' 'NEVER i staywith spyro' cynder snarled 'well then prepare to face ur doom' 'bring it!' spyro and cynder कहा