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added by carrotsrowley
hi again tis jamie back again from लेखन the लेख about army cadets this लेख is about people that genuinly piss me off. i just thaught iid write it see how many people agree with me that people should be able to take a joke and i hate it when they give it all that but when they get it back the cant take it uhhh people like that need to grow up and get a life add a टिप्पणी दे या becomm a प्रशंसक of this लेख if आप agree with it byee for now fanpopers :d xxxxx

carrotsrowley :D xxx

i need some suggestions on और लेखाए that i could writee it would be much appreciated thannkkiieess all xxxx
posted by carrotsrowley
heyy im jamie im 15 live in blackpool and go to palatine community sports collage (palatine high school) and im लेखन this लेख to let आप know i have put some तस्वीरें up so आप can all see iv been going to cadets for 3 years now and i have not regreted a single bit of it. I have made loads of new फ्रेंड्स there and learnt so many new things that i never even dreamed of doing like map and compass fieldcraft skill at arms drill all sorts and i have had the best teachers ever such as lee mcfarlan roxan walby and steven draycotte andy dbrowski (sorry if your name is mispelt) and of course maam boulton (2nd left tennant boulton) and i highly recomend the army cadets to everyone and anyone who is interested in joining the army या just interested in the cadts या just want to have a good time and get exersize and learn some disapline for anyone that wants to शामिल होइए i wish आप good luck in your time hear and hope आप are succesfull.

jamie ann rowley
posted by sugarbabes
Is this where आप go Jamie. Cos if it is Coooolll.....

Should try and put pictures of it on this.

Cadetssssssssss.......................... yeyyyyyyyyyyyyyy................

Anyway how are आप Jamie, me i am fine, just putting this at बिना सोचे समझे cos atm it is too short my article.So yh आप should put pictures on. Cause then i have an idea of what आप do there.

Me i am fine, i joined your club, and i even कहा i would i always keep a promise. I think we should get Mandy to शामिल होइए this club don't ya think.