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posted by geekygirl1999
हे y'all just got to say Princeton is रात का खाना nasty he कहा he can get in the P word लोल but its the thirsty ones hahahaha
anyway he कहा a WHOLE LOT OF RATED R THINGS Like if I was nice we can have make up sec when we fight then riding going to say I'm scared of his big bleppp n he going to say how do we know its big lmfaooo jk but anywhore Princeton ur a freak n u need to strip for me cuz I'm ur wife u help me out like that लोल I won't tell no one hahahaha luv u hubby n I'm out

द्वारा Alana Perez लोल jk
posted by geekygirl1999
Y'all took away a big part of mi heart
When y'all ran him away on that day
I still remember everything he says
It replays over in mi head
crazy how one thing, picture, club, song everything
Can make me think of u
U made me smile made me laugh,blush, nd cry
Now that ur gone I die a lil everyday when I don't see but face
Wish u were still here with me
But sadly ur not ='(
Why would u do this to me?!?!?!
why didn't y'all leave him alone
He is human all y'all सोना digging whores
Cant see wat y'all took from me
Not a brother not a friend but one of mi first luvers
Now were both apart never to talk again hope ur...
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heres the song play it while u read it on here =D <33

आप can be the मूंगफली, मूंगफली का butter
to mi jelly
आप can be the butterflies
i feel in mi belly
आप can be the captain
and i can be ur first mate
आप can be the chills
that i feel on our first date
आप can be the hero
i can be the sidekick
आप can be the tear
that i cry if we ever split
आप can be the rain in the
बादल when it stormin
आप can be the sun
when it shines in the mornin
Dont know if i could ever be
without u
cause boy u complete me
and in time i know we'll both see
what we're all we need
cuz ur the सेब to mi pie
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posted by Suckmykicks
Yeah Prince loves
Lana and Lana
Loves Prince! <3333
Yeah that I know......
Put prince is अभिनय all scared
And not asking her out
Like she gonna shoot
Him in the afro or
Something -___-
But anyway they are gonna get married and
Have 2,456 kids together because they
Like eachother like dat
But anyway yeahhhhhhh..........
They प्यार eachother to death
And they better not deny it !!!!!!!!!!
Hehehe..........Yeah but when
Thy make their mindless kids ima record it
But anyway Prince आप better get on yo
Job and give a girl a hook up now
Because I'm tired of a nigga being
Scared!?!?! :P anyway I'm done BYE
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