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 Lady Gaga - CFDA Fashion Awards 2011
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Lady Gaga - CFDA Fashion Awards 2011
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Hi guys!
I am the official Lady Gaga Impersonator in Brazil, and as many people were requesting, my choreographer made a video tutorial for Judas official choreography!
Hope आप guys like it and subscribe to his channel! ;)

This is the first part of the choreography

He'll be posting the other parts as he reaches 10,000 देखा गया in each video.

So help us and recommend this video and his यूट्यूब channel to as many people as आप can, on foruns, facebook...

thanks for your support and really hope आप guys wnjoy it!
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Dear Lady Gaga,

I was there. आप were NOT born that way.

Sincerely, Mom.

Dear Lady Gaga,

Do आप know what would freak everyone out और than your shenanigans? If आप showed up to an award दिखाना completely normal.

Sincerely, think about it.

Dear Lady Gaga,

We are impressed with your skills.

Sincerely, The World Series of Poker Tour

Dear Lady Gaga,

What do आप wear on Halloween?

Sincerely, Curious

Dear Lady Gaga,

I won't be needing आप to write a bad romance after all.

Sincerely, Stephenie Meyer

Dear Lady Gaga,

You're supposed to wear the outside.

Sincerely, Dead Animals

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On which one of those news stations I heard that they actually think that lady gaga is copying madonna.well I think that is just crazy talk.lady gaga is of course inspired द्वारा madonna.her crazy acts gets her noticed,if they don't like the fact that noone is trying copy anyone they could just drop dead.I luv lady gaga she is de best.her songs,sense of style,her tattoos.I mean people really tell me,do आप think that lady gaga is copying मैडोना because I just think that these news people just want a story.they don't want me to come up there play puppets with them.I'll make them take back every thing they कहा bad about everyone and tarnishing their name.it's just wrong,just wrong.
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 Joanne Stefani Angelina Germanotta/Lady GaGa
Joanne Stefani Angelina Germanotta/Lady GaGa
For A Moment

Yesterday, I took a walk in the rain
The cool refreshing droplets splashed on my cheeks.
I walked,
And walked, And walked,
Not knowing where I was going.
The trees swayed as a chilly spring
Gently caressed their branches.
A cute white rabbit scampered
Across a wide open field.
He stopped in front of me in a
Patch of emerald.
He had a quizzical look on his furry little face.
He wiggled his ears,
Crinkled his nose,
And scratched his whiskers like
An old man.
I started to laugh.
He ran off into the distance
Looking like a pearl in a patch of seaweed.
The cool refreshing droplets splashed
On my cheeks....
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 Lady GaGa Live In Dublin
Lady GaGa Live In Dublin
“The wait in the freezing cold queue for 4 hours was worth everything to see GaGa in all her glory! The most amazing दिखाना I’ve ever witnessed, she truly knows how to make आप feel like आप are the only person in the audience. When she spoke to us she spoke so serene then when she sang and danced she rocked it! No amount of soreness in any part of my body can account for what I witnessed last night. I can’t pick a best part of the दिखाना because no part could out do the other! I प्यार Lady GaGa with all my heart, toujours une légende!”
– Anna

“Lady Gaga blew the roof of the O2 Arena...
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