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L's Funniest/Cutest Moments Part 3

L's Funniest/Cutest Moments Part 2

L's Funniest/Cutest Moments Part 1

Death Note Soundtrack - L's Theme

This is Why L's Hot

L's the Candyman

Sexy Back

How to Draw चीबी एल

Leave out all the rest - AMV - Tributo a एल

एल Tribute -- Innocent

L's Mad World~ (AMV)

एल Death Note - Eat It

I'll give आप this स्ट्रॉबेरी, स्ट्राबेरी [English Dub]

L's Introduction Scene In English Dub

OST Track: "L no Shisou"

L's Theme A, B, & C

OST Track: "L's Past"

एल Quote ~ "There are many types of monsters in this world..."

एल song

Deathnote AMV: Save Myself First (Light vs L)


This is War

mxm musical सूप opera

Deathnote Message from एल

the game दिखाना

MATT'S response

L's Rebuttal [To Light's Rant]

light's rant


एल - Hero

एल Can't Eat His Bagel/ Donut

Everybody's Fool - एल

A video i made of L. My Last Breath द्वारा एवनेसेन्स

एल Lawliet [Everybody hurts]

एल Lawliet [Bad boy]

एल - Kryptonite

« L's Deception »

एल birthday cake

My birthday vid for एल

Im a केला, केले | [DN]

एल kills Justin Bieber

Yoshi एल

super cute एल video



For एल ^w^

American Trailer

Death Note Kira Vs एल

एल vs Kira

Kira vs एल ( टेनिस )

एल reveals his name

L's Most Cutest Moments

L...you forgot to say OVER!

एल gets prank called

एल - Cuppycake Song

Light vs एल funny

Death Note - L´s theme


एल is the real suger baby

Death Note Musical - "I just can't wait to be King"

L- Simple and clean

Sketch note, प्रशंसक एनीमेशन

Death Note प्रशंसक एनीमेशन

L- This moment

L- Cat like theif

L's folktale

एल is untouched

L's brightside

एल wants कैन्डी

एल reaction to justin bieber

मीन गर्ल्स

एल is sweet!

Unfamiliar to एल

The Death Notes - Obsession

something that will make आप rofl!

एल stands up straight

Light better beware.

L's funny phone scene

Best of एल

L's theme reversed

एल the Science Guy

एल likes waffles, वेफल्स - Death Note

Ryuuzaki Is Mr.Wonderful

L's Theme Song

L's happy song

एल प्यार cake

एल goes BANG!

एल gets an Idea

I killed एल

एल on Political Correctness

Light's Rant About L, and L's Rebuttal

Death note - Beyond Birthday references in ऐनीमे

Death note Funny (Go L!)

Death Note - एल vs. Light Fight sped up

Death Note Opening 1 - REALLY FAST!!!

Deathnote - एल kills Light

L's Funniest Moments

Death Note: Funny and बिना सोचे समझे Scenes