Shauni woke up screaming as was the norm whenever she dreamed of home. Giving in for a moment she cried.Then wiped them away at the sound of foot steps approaching her bedroom door. "Hey shit face, are आप up and alone." Shauni sighed and relaxed at the usual greeting from her ward. " Bite me bitch." P.B's laughter retreated towards the kitchenette. With that Shauni stretched and proceeded to the bathroom to start the shower.Then walked out to get her clothes from the dryer."Jesus Jamie get some clothes on. या go get in the shower." P.B. squealed and then ducked her head into Shauni's freezer." Why? It's my apartment."
Which was barely heard over the excited squeaking of P.B.'s bare feet. " Oh आप made large चॉकलेट covered फ्रोज़न banana's." Shauni rolled her eyes as she heard the giggling behind the freezer door. "Those aren't for you. They are for Bri and Brady. Its the least I can do." P.B. came out with one any ways. Shauni rolled her eyes and then looked और closely at P.B. Who lowered her head. Dropping the clothes Shauni-aka-Jamie gently raised P.B's head to see the artfully covered bruises on her face. Anger waged a tug of war with deep sadness. "This stops now. Today. आप get on my phone and break it off with this bastard या I will." P.B swallowed and simply nodded as her tears fell. "Just tell me why-P.B. Why?" She कहा softly, which was a much और dangerous tone then an impassioned one. It meant that her mind was already taking actions against the abuser. "Can आप please put on a robe?" Shauni shook her head. "No. Not til आप tell me why." P.B merely closed her eyes. "I....I thought I could save him like आप saved me and Mira. I thought I could turn him from his ways." She then choked on her own grief. Shauni sagged and shook her head.
"Not everyone wants to be saved. I know Del Fuego, he doesn't hurt women, girls या idiots. He's not a violent criminal. He's never raised a hand. Now his piece of shit nephew....I've had run ins with him and his crew. I told Fuego to find a way to reign his blood in before I had to. Looks like either he doesn't know या care, of course he's getting far too old to be taken seriously द्वारा someone like Voro. Just stay in after you've called him. No ordering in या out. आप get hungry eat my damn fridge empty. I can always take Bri and Brady off Bro and Rami for a couple of days. O.K." P.B nodded wiping away her tears and taking a सीट on the large sofa that had many a night become a makeshift बिस्तर when enjoying a movie night together. "I thought आप had the early shift?" Shauni started with an open mouth and then looked at her watch and swore. "Damn it I still need a shower. आप make that call while I'm getting ready." Shauni hit the com button as she got underneath the spray. " I don't hear anything?" She heard P.B. groan. " I still want to hear why you're not at work this morning." Shauni swore as the shampoo dropped into her eyes, no matter how they swore it wouldn't hurt it still hurt. "Mac has a टमटम later so I let him have the early shift." Which was followed द्वारा barely concealed giggles. "What number does this make for his mom?" Shauni had to laugh. "It's not funny. She tries so hard to find happiness. Too hard. Lucky number 7, I just hope its the one. I hate having to remember the right name."
P.B. winced at the statement Jamie had reminded her of. Mac's mom really did try to find happiness, she just didn't seem to find any faithful ones. Each one had had problems. Drinking, drugs, tax cheating, smuggling, she touched her bruised cheek, abusive, the last one had been just cheating on her. This 7th one was one of the cooks at the Phantom. A restaurant that catered to the exotic mists of the romance. Not that P.B. had ever seen anything romantic about mist, but to each their own.