क्रिस्टन बेल Do आप Think We Should Change The आइकन And Banner?

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11 fans picked:
Yes, Both
Just The Banner
Just The आइकन
No, Stay The Same
 loves-oth posted एक साल  से अधिक पुराना
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loves-oth picked Yes, Both:
i don't mind if people don't want a change. i just wanted to see what people thought.
i could open a forum then people can submit their ideas and then make picks?
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sk91 picked Just The आइकन:
hmm..this banner is pretty cool, but we really should change icon - it's too dark. Anyway I don't mind if both will be changed :D
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chels125843 picked Yes, Both:
PLEASE! not that theyre bad its just cause theyve been the same for like EVER!
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othgirl_peyton picked Just The आइकन:
I love the banner we have now but if we find a better one I dont mind! But the icon should definitely be changed!
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